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Anderson Cooper’s Naked Photos Are Worth More Than $10K

Because merely saying the name “Anderson Cooper” next to “Playgirl” and “nude photos” will generate free press, that’s what the magazine’s publicity starved brand ambassador Daniel Nardicio is doing with his $10k offer for anyone with naked pictures of the newsman. Oh please. If you’ve got a naked photo of Anderson Cooper, we’ll pay $20,000. And we know a certain tabloid magazine that will pay a handsome multiple of that.

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  • Soupy

    I’m in. I bid $30,000.

  • GetBalance

    Nice shoulders there Anderson.

  • Drake

    Unless Anderson’s schlong is down to his kneecaps, his body is a case of the clothes make the man.

  • Alex

    Can’t you get sued if you were to publish a naked photo of Anderson?

  • Harbo

    I’ll raise any bid by $10,000. It’s still a bargain!

  • SpireaX

    @Drake: Who cares how big is schlong is? Only insecure size queens would. I’d love to see a picture of him naked.

  • tavdy79

    @Drake: Some guys would view a schlong that big as a definite disadvantage – not everyone has a bucket arse.

  • Fitz

    Both with Anderson and the inevitable size question: don’t mix your fantasy with too much reality. It ruins it. Anderson is an attractive man… from this distance… I’m not going to run into him in my personal life, so this distance is fine. Gigantic dicks? Seriously.. what are you, 15? I have had awesome sex with Mr. 5″, and Craptasic “I showered for this?” sex with Mr 11″. Get over the size thing. If you want to get split in half, go jump on a fence post. If you want awesome sex, find a sensual partner who is into you.

  • suzygoo

    I don’t give a hoot how big Mr. Cooper’s schlong is-even if it was an angry inch, I would moan and groan about how much it hurts because size does matter-the size of his wallet! OMGay nerves-that is a big one you have there Mr. Cooper!

  • Soupy

    I hope that he reads this blog and will send me a naked pic with a promise from me of a $20,000 donation to the charity of his choice.

  • Cam

    I have my issues with Coopers wink wink dance with the closet. However, I feel bad for the guy probably having to not shower at the gym, being careful never to change with the blinds open even if he lives in a high rise etc… In taht way being famous can definitly suck.

  • redball

    @suzygoo: lmao!

  • redball

    @suzygoo: lmao! loca!

  • Soupy

    And a contractual obligation to never share it with anyone.

  • vdanker


  • TheRealAdam

    “Anderson Cooper’s Naked Photos Are Worth More Than $10K”

    To who?

    @Drake: @Drake: What are you, the resident size queen? Judging by your knee size requirement, I guess we now know that a dick penetrating you is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

  • Roberto

    His naked pictures worth than $50 LOL, he is so cute …. love you Cooper xoxox


  • Brian

    @GetBalance: I second your “nice shoulders” nomination.

    Cam, I believe A.C. and the boyfriend live in a converted firehouse.

    It will be interesting to see how many comments this post gets. Any mention of Cooper usually brings out the lovers and the enviers.

  • Cam

    @Brian: said..

    It will be interesting to see how many comments this post gets. Any mention of Cooper usually brings out the lovers and the enviers.”

    Seems a weird comment, so you either have to love him or envy him?

  • Ian

    @Brian: You forgot the third catagory of which I am a member, the disdainers. I have never respected a professional closet case and never will. I don’t care that he gets bonked on the head in Egypt or runs from a melting reactor in Japan, if he can’t say matter of factly and unashamedly “I’m gay/queer” then he’s a cowardly PUSSY that is a bad role model to queer youth.

  • Scott

    @Cam: Anderson does shower at the gym. I’ve seen him – In a towel, in his underwear, but never completely naked. I was tempted to steal his underwear once. He doesn’t bother opening his locker when he changes out of his gym gear and they were just laying there on the floor… I wonder how much I could get for those? Oh, and his boyfriend is pick-your-jaw-up-off-the-floor, hot muscled gorgeous (IMHO).

  • Roy

    Oh, and his boyfriend is pick-your-jaw-up-off-the-floor, hot muscled gorgeous

    While I’m sure AC looks fine in the nude, from the sound of things, Nardicio should be paying for a naked pic of his bf instead.

  • Shannon

    WTF???? This man is pale…colorLESS and GROSS

  • Jeffree

    Lemme see: One of our best international journalists risks life & limb to report on the political upheavals in the lands surrounding Egypt, and we are more concerned about what he looks like nekkìd? Have we lost all sense of priorities? Where there is petroleum there is cause for concern for the US economy.

    I’d rather have the AC tuned to what he does best (NEWS!) than to catch a gander at his Anderson member at the spa.

    @Shannon: Y u pickin’ on da AndersonCoops? Becuz he pale? Becuz he reject u? Get a life. Y’aint krap Blanche, u just a bittah ole gal in nylons & fade creme pretendin’ like u relevant. Peeps like u still thinkl Syria be just a STD.

  • Cam


    Yes, Jeffree, but your argument is the exact same one that is always used against us.

    Gay rights? Why should Congress worry about your rights when there are OTHER important things going on in the world?!?!!?

    There are many many places you can go to discuss Tahir Sqare, the Japanese nulcear issue, and the Shite Suni divide rearing it’s ugly head in Bharain.

    This is a lighter site, so relax.

  • Soupy

    My admiration of Anderson’s work is part of the reason why I love him so. Love being the motivation for longing to see him naked. I just happen to like getting a smart man naked.

  • Jeffree

    @Cam: For the record, I would not complain to the FCC if AC decided to get nekkid around me. I would be gettin’ Kelly Ripa-ish on his arse while he explained yet again the difference between Qatar and Bahrain.

    My preference would be to see newsperson David Muir in that recumbant position (gooogle him if need be) but I am not picky!

    @Soupy: I’m so happy to see you’re keeping up with the news. Of course, we must all help expand human rights in the Middle East and make sure our journalists are well cared for & tended to.

  • ewe

    i doubt there are nude photos of anderson cooper

  • eric

    I’ll pay anything to see his naked butt!!!

  • thomaa

    Wow Anderson is one hot hunk! But I have this question for all do you think Anderson is suffering from SPS????:-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Sluggo2007

    @Drake: What a bitter old queen you are.

  • salumbre

    Um… why?

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