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Anderson Cooper’s New Gimmick: Show Off Muscles In Front of Live Audience

Anderson Cooper, whose ratings are looking worse than the toilet renovations at his West Village firehouse, is going to try something new to finagle up some Nielsen numbers: a live studio audience.

“The network is recruiting a crowd for two shows that will serve as a testing ground for a potential new primetime talk format,” reports The Hollywood Reporter. “CNN is calling the trial episodes ‘specials’ in case the project doesn’t make it to the series stage. The network would only confirm the format will be ‘conversational.'”

The studio audience episodes are planned for April 15 and 22, and the only things that will make them “controversial” are: 1) If Cooper makes his entrance on to the set while dancing to Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow”; 2) He invites Bill Donohue and Richard Cohen on as guests.