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  • kuros

    thats not a man looks like a boy

  • Kevin

    They both got nice bulges. I’m attracted to them.

    Do you have pics of Thomas Roberts and his partner?

  • XT

    Anderson looks awfully sexy when he’s pissed.

  • MT

    That picture is kind of blurry, but that guy looks like a trainer at Equinox. Maybe he’s just Anderson’s trainer/

  • jackejett

    that is the sexiest photo i have ever seen of
    anderson “katrina” cooper and his boy toy is awesome.

    bet he’s uncut…….

  • whodatt?

    This doesn’t even look like Anderson Cooper. Nice staged photo.

  • mystery

    oh that’s definitely anderson! those are his sneakers and belt.

  • jackejett

    federal gay law requires that you reveal more of your anderson dirt…and i will reveal some of mine.


  • Kenneth

    Andy likes ’em young and Hispanic. I think we have a winner …

  • Don

    That guy is a trainer at Equinox gym on Greenwich Ave. in the West Village. He is from South America, I forgot which country and he talks with a thick accent. I know because he was my trainer 2 years ago but I have forgotten his name. Anderson works out in the gym too. They may just be friends though.

  • Joey

    I would love the be the cream in the middle between those two!

  • Jeanette Kerr

    Leave Anderson alone…….he’s not gay…he’s not….he’s not……..he’s not………..!!!!!

  • Mad Professah

    This is a pretty cool picture…Can we get a followup on the guy’s name besides the unsubstantiated rumour he’s a trainer at Equinox?

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