Journo Looks Innocent, But Hides His Bitch Fangs

Anderson Not A ‘Tiara Girl’

Straight-laced newsman Anderson Cooper gabbed with lesbian entertainer Ellen DeGeneres this morning. We never would have guessed, but CNN’s super star can talk trash with the best of ’em. While discussing his reality show addiction, Cooper offered his two cents on MTV’s Tiara Girls: “It’s like, low-rent beauty pageants. It’s like, the Miss Filet of Steak Pageant from Philadelphia.” Like, Grrrrl!

The Coop also tells DeGeneres that he’s addicted to Paula Abdul’s train wreck, Hey, Paula!. He’ll be straight-up heartbroken to hear the show got the ax.

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  • Leland Frances

    Fuck him [and not in the good way] and the coward’s closet he rode in on.

  • Antoninus

    I think he is cute. It’s a pity he doesn’t come out.

  • hehe

    paulas show wasnt axed. she just didnt wanna do another season. but im sure he loves idol then too =)

  • Charles Merrill

    He is plugged in. Not sure what to, but definately plugged in.

  • Mark D

    I don’t care what he watches. He is a GOD who could do me in Barney’s window – I’d sell tickets.

    Those eyes, that platinum hair, that radioactive smile……..and now to top it off, he’s bulking up.

    He’s yummy.

  • spunkbox

    Are we so shallow as to only judge the man by his looks? Hells yes, I would rim him till my tongue was bruised.

  • Nitesurf

    Anderson’s dry, wry wit comes as no surprise to me. He lets it loose whenever he’s on these talk shows and sometimes even on 360. He’s kind of a stealth bitchy queen.

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