André Leon Talley Insists He Is Not “Gay”

394px-Andre_Leon_Talley_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_FestivalThe former Vogue Editor-at-Large who’s made appearances on America’s Next Top Model and shown sass and flair in the doc The September Issue, shares some shocking news with Vanity Fair: he’s not “gay.”

It’s not exactly an uncommon assumption, given his penchant for flowing robes and the faux accent, but the current editor of Numéro Russia reveals that he’s only ever loved women (two to be exact), and doesn’t like being called “gay.”

However, he does admit to having “gay experiences” (whatever that means), and swears that he’s never slept with a single designer in his life. OK, so no designers…how about photographers, models, editors, his hunky tennis instructor from The September Issue (watch the clip below)?

And he never said he wasn’t attracted to men in his interview, just that he doesn’t like labels.