O-P-U-L-E-N-C-E: André Leon Talley’s 5 Most OTT Moments

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If you’ve ever looked up the word “fabulous” in the dictionary, you’d know who André Leon Talley is. The larger than life former Vogue Editor-at-Large is a constant at fashion shows, making sweeping statements in his sweeping kaftans. So when ALT went on record with Vanity Fair, insisting that he’s not gay, many of us were left gagging and clutching our Chanel pearls! After all, queens be pullin’ the biggest stunts. Since this announcement is a surprise to anyone with a pulse, we’ve pulled together five instances of over-the-top behavior that would have us assume ALT swung his Louis Vuitton tennis racket for our team.

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The Capes

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Batman needs to watch his back because Ms. André will snatch that cape right off of it. ALT is not one for subtlety, to put it lightly, so when he wants to add a bit of flair and drama — like any red-blooded, heterosexual man — he opts for one of these beauties.

The Fur

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André Leon Talley would ring PETA himself and tell them that his mink is dragging on the floor, then ask them to come pick it up for him. Because that’s how dudes roll.

The Outshining

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ALT has been snatching wigs since the ’70s so don’t come for him. Especially not in a photograph. No matter the diva, André will slay  them all. And then maybe lay ’em too.

The September Issue

starving for beauty

The September Issue is a fantastic fashion film about what it really takes to work with Anna Wintour. Though he was short on screen time, ALT was long on sass, especially when he had a kiki with fellow kween trapped in a heterosexual body, Vera Wang.

America’s Next Top Model


If you’ve only recently started watching ANTM because of the eye candy then you’ve probably missed the best thing to happen to the show since the whole Tyra v. Tiffany incident. Unlike the other judges, ALT threw in the perfect amount of shade mixed with actual fashion knowledge. Well more shade, but what do you expect from that house?

While we are still asking for the receipts on André’s coming…in(?), whether he’s gay, straight, or whatever he chooses to identify as, Ms. Leon Talley is one the the greatest fashion figures of our time.

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