Andrej Pejic Doesn’t Really Care If You Mistake Him For A Woman

I’m comfortable doing both, although womenswear is more glamorous. The clothes are more exciting. In menswear I have to work more at having a masculine presence. But then that’s my job. If they put me in, say, a rubbish bag and I feel completely unattractive, I still have to show it to its potential.

—Andrej Pejic, the Serb “femiman” model, who began “experiment[ing] with my look” at age 14, appears to be enjoying the current androgyny celebration happening in the fashion world. And yes, “Mum’s very proud. She finds every picture of me and has them on every wall.” [via]

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  • Carlyloo

    Andrej is of Serbian descent but his family emigrated to Australia when they fled the war in Bosnia. He is Australian now. There is a nice interview from Australian TV online where you can hear him speak about his experiences. He clearly has an Australian accent.

  • redball

    Wow…Andrej is serving some Keira Knightley realness right there! Nice.

  • johnny

    I think he is from Broadmeadows, a rough suburb of Melbourne

  • Shannon

    WHY??? What is the purpose of this? Gay men are trying to make strides here..and seriously…men like THIS knock us back 50 years! Can we just try to to be “normal” to get somewhere here?

  • Jeffree

    @Shannon: “What is the purpose?” He’s a model. He gets paid for looking unique; that’s his job. Designers pay him to model and sell their clothes. Welcome to how the world works.

    You’re confusing gender and sexual orientation. He’s not a LGB activist. For him, and other non gender-conforming people this is “normal.” You have no right to judge him.

    Read a book. Get a life.

  • Dollie

    @Shannon: Wow, that reeked of sexism and homophobia! I do not know what “progress” means to you, but I’m guessing I want nothing to do with it.

    Andrej is a respected and talented model, and amazingly bright at 19 years old! I am very proud that he so happens to be “family.”

  • Shannon1981

    I don’t even like dudes and I think he looks great, and good on him for not caring what people think. Gorgeous.

    @Shannon: How, praytell, does he knock anyone back 5o years?

  • Paul

    @Shannon: Are you serious? People like you knock us back 50 years. And by “us” I don’t mean the LGBT community, I mean mankind as a whole.

  • arbiter

    The androgynous thing kinda gets me sometimes, so I think he’s beautiful. That said, gender non-conforming or not, he fits the fashion model aesthetic perfectly. High cheek bones, pouty lips, pronounced eye-brows and long, delicate neck. Of course, this photo is immaculate, professionally produced and very likely touched up. He’s positioned and lighted to de-emphasize his Adam’s apple. But overall, the more people get exposed to the reality that the spectrum of gender expression is just that, like the Kinsey scale almost, the less fear and derision we’ll all experience. Remember, gay isn’t the last or only oppressed minority. So, to Andrej I say ‘Bravo’ and, y’know, ‘Call me.’ lol

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