Andres Camilo’s peak, Cameron Robbie’s tan, & Jase Woodruff’s Mariah moment

This week HBO greenlit a True Blood reboot, Dollly Parton dragged RuPaul, and Shawn Mendes discussed once again the one thing he loves talking about more than anything else: his sexuality. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Andres Camilo reached the top.

Dyllon Burnside shed his shirt for democracy.

Taylor Frey turned his back.

Gus Kenworthy took photos for LinkedIn.

Seth G asked a question.

Antony Tran walked the beach.

Jase Woodruff lip-synched Mariah.

Cameron Robbie got a tan.

Dave Coast completed his kitchen.

Victor Borbolla hit the gym.

Ken XY dropped a new single.

Simon Dunn hung mistletoe.

Elijah Blake saw the golden hour.

Elliott Norris switched glasses.

Jack Laugher got ready for Christmas.

Taylor Bennett took off his shoes.

Troye Sivan rocked a mullet.

Max Emerson moved in shirtless.

Derrick Gordon brushed his teeth.

Alex Lo looked in the mirror.

Adam Keith finished a workout.

Roberto Portales brought furniture to the beach.

And Matteo Lane caught the sunrise.