Andrew Anthos Dies After Attack

Talking about raining on a parade. We’re sorry to inform you that Detroit-based Andrew Anthos died after being attacked early last week. Anthos and his niece were riding a bus when a man asked Anthos if he were gay. After getting off the bus, Anthos found himself at the receiving end of the man’s pipe – and not in a good way. Unfortunately, the 72-year old Anthos’ injuries were so extensive that doctors were unable to revive him and he died quietly Friday night.

A passionate man, Anthos rode public transport as part of his continuing effort to get politicians to light up the Capital Dome in honor of America’s veterans. He’s been described as a loving, caring man who fought for his beliefs and

Of Anthos’ death, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force president Matt Foreman said:

The hatred and loathing that led to the vicious murder of Andrew Anthos only because he was gay is not innate.

Instead it is being taught every day by leaders of the so-called Christian right and their political allies who use their vast resources, media networks and affiliated pulpits to blame lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people for all the ills of society. They disguise their bigotry as ‘deeply-held religious beliefs. They cloak themselves in family values… It is appalling hypocrisy for these forces to pretend that their venomous words and organizing have no connection to the plague of hate violence against gay people, including the murder of Mr. Anthos

The Triangle Foundation will pay for Anthos’ funeral. Police are treating the crime as a hate crime. Unfortunately, Michigan doesn’t have specific hate crime law.

Meanwhile, about 300 people gathered to protest after last week’s attack against an unidentified Colorado lesbian. She had been walking home with them after meeting them at a mall. One man attacked her after she tried to rebuff his sexual advances by coming out. Though the man’s friend didn’t attack, he did nothing to stop him. Unlike Anthos, however, the woman’s on the mend.