Andrew Auernheimer Saved Your iPad From AT&T’s Security Flaw. He Also Loves Fred Phelps

Andrew Auernheimer, the member of the computer security firm Goatse Security, which exposed the flaw in AT&T’s iPad site that revealed customers’ information, was arrested on drug charges and released on bail. Is he going home to update his blog where he worships Fred Phelps?

The hacker’s personal LiveJournal, discovered by the International Business Times, includes a post about Westboro Baptist’s Phelps; Auernheimer describes him as “one of the few living messengers of God on Earth.” (There’s also “a photo caption describing Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem with racially charged language.”)

Wrote the hacker in a May post: “Best way to spend a hungover Saturday afternoon: shoutcasting the gospel music of one of the few living messengers of God on earth. America is a fag nation! Jews are violent reprobate rebels against God’s will! Thank God for IEDs! Israel’s doom is coming, God’s promises are sure! God bless Fred Phelps. God bless Shirley Phelps-Roper. God bless the Westboro Baptist Church.”

He then links to some of his favorite Westboro tunes.

In another post, he references the chief technology officer of the GNAA (which we can only assume refers to the web trolling group “Gay Nigger Association of America”) “showing solidarity with the Westboro Baptist Church at Phelps clan rally.”