Andrew Auernheimer Saved Your iPad From AT&T’s Security Flaw. He Also Loves Fred Phelps

Andrew Auernheimer, the member of the computer security firm Goatse Security, which exposed the flaw in AT&T’s iPad site that revealed customers’ information, was arrested on drug charges and released on bail. Is he going home to update his blog where he worships Fred Phelps?

The hacker’s personal LiveJournal, discovered by the International Business Times, includes a post about Westboro Baptist’s Phelps; Auernheimer describes him as “one of the few living messengers of God on Earth.” (There’s also “a photo caption describing Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem with racially charged language.”)

Wrote the hacker in a May post: “Best way to spend a hungover Saturday afternoon: shoutcasting the gospel music of one of the few living messengers of God on earth. America is a fag nation! Jews are violent reprobate rebels against God’s will! Thank God for IEDs! Israel’s doom is coming, God’s promises are sure! God bless Fred Phelps. God bless Shirley Phelps-Roper. God bless the Westboro Baptist Church.”

He then links to some of his favorite Westboro tunes.

In another post, he references the chief technology officer of the GNAA (which we can only assume refers to the web trolling group “Gay Nigger Association of America”) “showing solidarity with the Westboro Baptist Church at Phelps clan rally.”

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  • Cam

    The guy just looks like he smells of dirty scalp and Ruffles potato chips. Shocker he he has time to play around with coding, I would have thought the women would be lining up.

  • Larry

    I recognize this guy… He’s Weev, an Internet troll who was profiled in The New York Times a couple years or so back.
    And Goatse Security? That’s a reference to the “Goatse Man,” a picture of a guy stretching out his distended anus that sometimes appears on Internet forums, posted by trolls.

  • NickadooLA

    I suspect he’s likely more 4chan troll than genuine racist/homophobe.

    It’s just one of those things that can happen when urban hipster douchebags with computers get bored and run out of things to be ironic about.

  • Jizzson

    The man to the left of the GNAA CTO is single and fabulous!

  • orinthe

    Hello, this guy’s just a troll, not an actual Phelps-lover! Isn’t it obvious from the photo of “solidarity with the WBC” where people are holding signs like “I HAVE A SIGN” and “GOD HATES #tags”? They’re making fun of the WBC, and this guy’s just trying to get a reaction. I bet he’s ecstatic that he successfully trolled Queerty.

  • orinthe

    @orinthe: Sorry, my bad, ecstatic he successfully trolled a (presumably) respectable organization like the International Business Times, not Queerty. I’m sure he could care less about that, heh.

  • Brandon H

    I don’t care what he is, he’s still a douche nozzle. It’s one thing exposing a company’s data, another thing exposing the data of innnocent users, i don’t care what kind of warning this asshole gave or if his intentions were “noble”. Plus he’s a freakin’ drug dealer!

  • David

    @NickadooLA: Tend to agree

  • Dave


  • L.

    Actually, if that were true – we’d have a link between goatse and Phelps. Now wouldn’t *that* be a kick in the rubber parts?

  • BeSt

    Why are you posting links to his blog?
    The hackers’s livejournal was not discovered by the International Business Times, it is a clear link on the goatse website. I saw it myself a few days ago, plenty of other bloggers mentioned it, but decided not to add links as it will give him the publicity he so desperately seeks.

  • GEW

    See what you get when brothers and sisters have sex?

  • Luke

    Oh god, there actually are people who agree with that cult. I guess this is what inbreeding leads to.

  • Yuki

    I agree with others; he’s almost definitely just an internet troll who pretends to agree with Westboro just for the lulz.

  • loldongs

    haha, you guys got fucking trolled. And “discovered” is a bit of a strong term for a dudes unlocked blog who has been infamous for years.

    join the fun. irc.hardchats.com #GNAA

    also: FREE WEEV!


  • Jadis


  • counterpoll

    The signposts for sanity now need to be re-arranged. We got crazy to the right, crazy to the left, and all of’em got webpages, hold signs and make no sense!


    @Larry: No fucking shit.

  • Pete

    He has this “over-the-top” act but he definitely likes Fred Phelps and his family and means a lot of what he says and that makes him more awesome in my opinion.

    You queers need to stop vrying, you are always crying and always acting has if the World has to orbit around you, this is why you queers are dangerous and this is why every single civilization that accepted your mental-disfunction ended up a doomed civilization.

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