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Andrew Breitbart To Help GOProud Continue Annoying Conservatives

From the Dept. of Just Delicious comes GOProud’s announcement today Andrew Breitbart, bane of liberals, is joining the (sometimes anti-gay) gay group’s advisory board. “I applaud GOProud’s strong, principled conservatism and admire their courage to defy the left’s stifling demand for group conformity,” says the web entrepreneur in a statement. “As a fierce opponent of the cultural Marxism and political correctness that divides Americans into different identity groups, I embrace the American motto E Pluribus Unum as an antidote to the Democratic Party’s divide and conquer strategy.” They’re going to celebrate with a party at CPAC. I’m not kidding.

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  • Brendan Kissam

    Welcome aboard, Breitbart. See you at your Homocon CPAC party!

  • randy

    These people are delusional. Tha’s really all you can say about them. Screw them!

  • randy

    These people are delusional. That’s really all you can say about them. Screw them!

  • Gay Republican

    @randy: You people are delusional. We are winning.

    Go GOProud, kick some ass of both Gay Left and Religious Right!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Do homocons not see the absurdity in aligning themselves with people who have been anti-gay? Do you people hate the liberals who have given you the equality you enjoy so much, that you’ll side with the people who want to take away your equality?

  • Adam

    @Gay Republican: Just how exactly are they going to kick anyone’s ass when they have no legitimate support or voice in the Republican Party?

  • Lee

    Breitbart is a liar and a fraud. He has ZERO credibility. They deserve each other.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    I know.

  • Adam

    @David Ehrenstein: Don’t forget Ann Coulter, she’s obviously on our side. *roll eyes*

  • justiceontherocks

    Breitbart is a professional attention seeker. All the people who care about his cocktail party will be in the room.

  • Jim Hlavac

    What people are missing is that there are several different wings of the Right, and the Left. For instance, Black Democratic Baptists are very anti-gay. Just like White Republican Evangelicals. And many people on the Libertarian, Tea Party right are not at all anti-gay. There’s mainstream Republicans & Democrats who are anti-gay, and those who are gay friendly too. It was Barry Goldwater, the Republican’s Republican who gave the strongest statement for gay rights by any mainstream politician: gay people deserve full constitutional rights. He said it in 1994.

    But face it, rights for gays, including gay people as people is not so easily divided between Left & Right, Democrat or Republican. If this weren’t true then we’d not be still having this debate. Remember than in 1960 the Socialist Left said gayness was caused by Capitalism, and Capitalist Right said it was caused by Godless Communism. We were hated by both sides equally. It’s easy to excoriate someone because of their positions on taxes, but that doesn’t make them automatically anti-gay because they think taxes are too high or the government spends to much.

    In fact, rights for gays has really nothing to do with any part of the current political landscape. It makes no difference who wins on the big issues facing this country, we still have a long road ahead of us to ensure that gay people are considered decent, normal, rational and natural. Take the friends at face value. We must each talk to those we can talk to. Democrats were all too easy with anti-gay laws, and still are. And if we want true acceptance, then, well, we gay folks are going to have to talk to Republicans and Evangelicals till they come ’round. No point in leaving them unspoken too, or we’ll never change their minds.

  • SouthSideShorty

    Andrew Breitbart, for publicly defending gay Americans, is now officially my hero.

    Why anyone would be so eager to bash him for this is beyond me (but please, don’t waste keystrokes trying to explain — as a gay Republican I’ve heard it all before).

  • justiceontherocks

    Gay Americans don’t need to be defended. We need the same rights as everyone else.

    We especially don’t need to be defended by that shameless publicity whore.

  • Adam

    @justiceontherocks: Then how do you explain Lady Gaga and all the other celebrities who defend us? Are they not publicity whores, as well?

  • tjr101

    Breitbart is just a sleazy right-wing attention whore.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    Who are you? Dont flatter yourself.


    What do gay right wing Americans do that right wing Americans don’t do? Do the right really need even more help because it is a minority?

    Did we not just have 8 years of Bush? Hasn’t America always appointed more right wing govs then left? So why all the hysteria after only 2 years of a left wing president that is more of a centrist? Clinton was pretty centre as well, no?

    It’s really weird what is happening in gay American blogs against the right wing gays who’ve made sure that more of the GOP got in power so they can start repealing everything from the Matthew Shepard act to visiting rights and the left who pay attention to them.

    Right wing gays do not have any kind of argument and I don’t know why they call themselves gay but I guess it’s because they know it will bring more attention to them, then if they were just straight, rich, elitist, White men who don’t care about anyone but themselves.


  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    They live from publicity. They are entertainers and it’s part of their process that they deal with publicity to make income. Simple. Like restaurants need to work on good customer service to retain customers, celebs have to have publicity to retain fans.

    Publicity exists merely as a marketing tool for most businesses but the world of entertainment is the only business where publicity is there only means of gaining income, so it becomes embedded within the business plan. Not that complex.

    Now this guy, I don’t know who he is. If he is an entertainer, then your point is right. If he is not an entertainer but say a political pundit, author, intellectual etc, then it’s mute-ish.

    This area of arts, does need a bit of publicity but it walks a fine line because they are know for being about substance over matter, so if someone is more known for being a loud mouth, then say debating good arguments, that person simply becomes a publicity whore.

  • SouthSideShorty

    @Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch… (John From England):

    If you’re in England, John, then why in the hell are you so emotionally involved in U.S. politics? Do you try telling France and Lebanon how their politicians should behave as well? Talk about your attention-starved publicity whores . . .

    But, not to rub it in too much, it all comes down to this: I’m an American and you’re not, so there.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Adam: Lady Gaga is a talented entertainer who happens to support gay equality. Breitbart’s only talent is publicity-seeking.

  • Gay Republican

    @SouthSideShorty: They bash Gay Conservatives because they are left-wing losers, whiners and bitches jealous of achievement, success and individualism.

    The left-wing ideology feels threatened by gay acceptance into the mainstream of conservative movement because this undermines their whole worldview and drives them insane.

  • Frank

    Me personally, I can respect the fact that you can be gay and conservative. You can desire smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and the lot. But I think what upsets most on the left about gays who take up the republican mantle is the fact that they appear to be selling out other gay people to try and fit in a with a party that has since the rise of the moral majority made it a cornerstone of their party values to actively campaign against the rights of gay people. If you are gay and conservative I don’t feel you should be forced to support the Democrats. Why not find and campaign for candidates that are conservative and for gay rights. There must be some out there. But try as I might, I still have trouble being at ease with a gay person supporting a candidate who seeks to criminalize homosexuality, who thinks homosexuality is immoral or a choice, or who wants to add an amendment the constitution banning gay marriage. Unfortunately that’s a lot of people in the republican party, at least right now.

  • Dont Take The Bait

    Sorry Queerty, but your headline is misleading.

    Breitbart is not interested in helping gay republicans “make trouble” for the GOP. If you knew anything about this malignant charlatan, you would realize that this is most likely the prep for a stunt through which Andrew may hope to embarrass, even cripple the modern gay rights movement in America. He has been explicit about that goal for quite a long time, and if you were doing your journalistic homework, you would know that.

    Breitbart is just using GOProud for his own snidely purpose, and they are too daft to notice.

    Even a cursory review of Breitbarts hypocritical and lunatic behavior makes it clear what kind of lying scum-bag he is.

    But if thats not enough for you, check out the laundry list of anti-gay assualts which, if not directly penned by Breitbart himself, certainly own pride of place on his string of BS, hyper-conservative websites.

    I mean, only a year ago, Breitbart tried to paint a decent gay man like Kevin Jennings as a pedophile… thats a pretty serious charge, and one which has been used to target our community for ages.

    Breitbart tried to use this fabricated charge to whip up public anger against Jennings. Not coincidently enough, the slander was issued at the same time that Breitbart tried to marshal outrage aginst a bulb on the White house Christmas Tree which had the picture of Hedda Lettuce on it. He tried to get people angry and disgusted by the fact that a drag queen’s image was in the White House. He was explicit and unequivocal in this bigoted attack.

    Breitbart is not a friend to gay people, left or right, and he never will be. Again, the suckers in GOProud are being used.

    Consider the fact that Breitbart has Peter Thiel in his back pocket… Thiel is a gay republican who has worked consistently AGAINST the betterment of gay people across the board. He has even offered the absurd argument that legalized gay marriage would destroy the economy… that is how bat-wing-nutty this crew is.

    Cant GOProud find people more decent and consistent to represent their cause? Is integrity (let alone a backbone) that hard for them to muster?

    As an openly gay man, one who came out long before it was safe to do so, I have worked for the last 30 years taking punches on behalf of the community, including ungrateful ideologues like the people in GOProud. Their resentment against “the gay left” obviates the very difficult struggle in which we engaged to make sure all of us had some degree of recognized dignity. Now GOProud wants to squander all that by aligning itself with one of the most dishonest and hyperbolic nut jobs to date. How pathetic!

    Why have they chosen a man like Breitbart, whose biggest claim to fame is the litany of mendacious slanders on which he has been repeatedly caught? A man who has wasted federal money on his own fabricated mirages, and then has the audacity to beg for funds from his idiot Moonie followers?

    Why has GOProud lowered itself to the level of a proven liar with a history of anti-gay activity? Is there no one with even an ounce more integrity they could find to support them? Is it so hard for them in the GOP, that best they can do is Breitbart, the worst example of human maliciousness?

    I am sad and shamed that GOProud has chosen Breitbart as the last nail in coffin of their confused cause (that is, to be accepted by bigots.) I am sad and ashamed that they have opted for the lowest common denominator in that effort, and I hope they have the strength to understand what they have fused themselves with in this man.

    They are working against their own purported cause… but as gay people who follow a predominantly anti-gay ideology, I guess thats no surprise.

  • Dont Take The Bait

    Let me just add to the above, that you dont have to be on “the left” to be disgusted by Breitbarts conniving and dishonest work. You just have to love honesty, uphold fairness and cherish integrity, none of which Breitbart has.

    Breitbart isnt left or right, he is just wrong… dont trust someone who asks you to cultivate your own worst qualities the way this man does.

    Again, to GOProud, you can do MUCH MUCH better than this creep.

  • Dont Take The bait

    @Gay Republican: No dear… join whatever pack of greedy, bigoted war-mongers you want to. I could care less.

    Whatever the case, it doesnt change the fact that Breitbart is a malicious liar with a history of attacks of prominent gay people and causes.

    You cant change that fact, and I dont know how GOProud can just over look this very self-evident truth (if it had any real backbone, GOProud would have Breitbart publically condemn, for instance, his own hysterical slander against Kevin Jennings as a pedophile.)

    Please understand, that was what Breitbart said about a very decent gay man in an attempt to whip up baseless anger against what he calls “progressives.” He happily has thrown LGBT people on that chooping block over and over again.

    There is no honor, honesty or integrity in Andrew Breitbart.

    You can be as far right as you want to force yourself to be, but it doesnt change the fact that by aligning yourself with Breitbart, you have given yourself over to a mendacious creep whose biggest claim to fame is the roster of malicious lies with which he has maligned so many innocent people (and on which he has been repeatedly caught.)

    Shame on GOPride for being so easily taken in by this charlatan.

    Shame on them for sinking themselves to the level of a proven liar & bigoted ideologue who has a history of trashing gay rights and gay individuals.

    Be as freakishly far right as you have to be, but at least have some shred of dignity. There HAS to be better people in the GOP under whom you can shelter yourself than this demented, lying bigot.

    Again, ask yourselves if GOProud will ask Andrew to redress his several published attacks against gay rights and people… I mean, its not hard to find… they litter his websites like the Moonie zombies that follow him.

  • Dont Take The bait


    He has an open and extensive hsitory of circulating damaging lies against gay people and, with his little gremlin pack on his “Big BS” Sites, (BS=”Big Sites” lol!),he has repeatedly assaulted gay rights, even the repeal of DADT and the idea of marriage equality.

    So, since Breitbart is your new found hero, ask him then to publically retract the vicious slanders he issued against Kevin Jennings or against marriage equality (remember, he tried to whip up public anger by falsely accusing Jennings of pedophilia…. how much more libelous and slanderous -even homophobic- can your “hero” be?)

    I dont know how someone with a track record of lies as extensive as Breitbarts, who has very openly and very maliciously attacked gay people and causes with such gusto, could ever be seen as a friend of gay people.

    In fact, i am sure this is just another one of his infamous stunts, and he will certainly use this as an opportunity to embarass the gay rights movement (left or right.)

    When you bed down with a proven charlatan, dont be surprised where it leads you.

    But before you get too excited about this, check out Breitbarts BS sites, and see what he has already established on the issue of gay people and their rights… and get ready to burst that (rather uninformed and totally naive) bubble.

    As rightly said before, Breitbart isnt the difference between left and right, he is just wrong.

  • Gay Republican

    @Dont Take The Bait: 30-years of toiling on the Gay Left Plantation, huh?

    Sometimes I wonder if the average age of commenters here is between 55 and 65. This explains why we have so many out-of-step left-wing losers here. The world is passing you by.

  • Soupy

    How long have you spent trying to lick the assholes of right wing politicians who are disgusted by you? Gay republicans are the equivalent of Blacks for the KKK.

  • Dont Take The Bait

    @Gay Republican: You can snark all you want to pal, it still does not change the fact that you have submitted yourself to a disgusting and notorious liar with a long record of attacking gay rights and viciously slandering innocent people.

    Have fun goose-stepping behind that looser back to the Dark Ages, and dont be surprised at the kinds of disingenuous craziness which he will impose upon your poor, misguided flock.

    BTW, you can thank the existence of your thankless GOProud community on all that work others did “toiling (as you like to say) on the Gay Left Plantation.” If people hadnt taken the punches for you, you would have gone the way of Matthew Shepard a LONG time ago, rather than sit behind your computer, fawning over mendacious con-men like Andrew Breitbart.

    Hope you enjoy being hood-winked.

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