Andrew Christian in hot water for using person of color to advertise “slave harness”

Erotic underwear company Andrew Christian has landed itself in the spotlight, and in the hot seat for a new advertisement showing a model of color sporting what the company describes as a “slave harness.”

Designer harnesses have become something of a queer fashion statement ever since Olympian Adam Rippon wore one to the Academy Awards in 2018. Andrew Christian intended to get in on the game with the “Slave Net C-Ring Harness,” though shoppers immediately hit more on the tone-deaf marketing than on the accessory itself.

“When you climb into our brand new Slave C-Ring Harness,” the Andrew Christain website advertised, “you’re stepping into your role as the submissive slave that you are. Let him know that you’re here to please in this flattering cut and hot strappy design. Because when you’re wearing this, who could resist punishing a naughty slave?”

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Not exactly the smartest caption to put on a model of color, is it?

Andrew Christian has subsequently pulled the ad, and released a statement of apology to The Advocate

“As you accurately noted in your article,” Jeff White, the cofounder of Andrew Christian, said in his letter, “our ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’ harnesses and underwear only reference the ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’ terminology of the BDSM culture and has nothing to do with anything else.  We sincerely apologize if anyone finds the image of the model offensive and we will replace it immediately.”

At the time of this writing, all ad listings for the Slave Net C-Ring Harness have vanished from the Andrew Christian website, and have yet to be replaced. Advertisements for the “Slave Net Brief w/ Almost Naked” underwear design, which featured the same model of color, have also disappeared from the site.