Andrew Christian Models Celebrate The World Cup Without Their Cups

uncupped_6_Andrew Christian is celebrating the World Cup this week with “Un-Cupped“, a soccer-themed video featuring your favorite porn stars and underwear models sporting fake penises under their brand new Andrew Christian C-Ring briefs.

What is a C-Ring brief, you ask? Well, it’s a polite way of saying Cock-Ring brief, a brief that includes a nylon band with adjustable snaps in the pouch where you put your dick. This nylon “cock ring” is supposed to lift and enhance your natural endowment without making you feel uncomfortable — perfect for those times when you’re walking around a very public place in nothing but your underwear, collecting tips in your waistband.

Joining the rotating cast of hunky underwear models this time is Diego Sans, beefy Brazilian Randy Blue porn star, and the only one who is probably not wearing a prosthetic under his gym shorts.


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  • jezuzchrist

    These Andrew Christian videos are an embarrassment to the gay community. Stop posting them online Queerty. I had to stop 20 seconds in. It was neither funny nor sexy. #ByeFelicia

  • sanfranca1

    @jezuzchrist: I agree. I have generally enjoyed the Andrew Christian videos. However, the fake dicks in this one just ruin it completely.

  • nature boy

    that video is a complete embarrassment…..only taking the time to write this comment in case someone from Andrew Christian reads this. Whoever produced that video should be fired. What exactly are they trying to promote? Green shorts, hair gel, duck-faced idiots and dildos, apparently. Did it make me want to try the product ? I don’t even know… what is the product? NEGATIVE !

  • MrEguy

    Are you sure this isn’t an SNL spoof? A FunnyOrDie skit? The video is really THAT ridiculous.

  • Alnbarthel

    Oh my, I see the Victorian taste queens are out in full force with their censorship scissors trying to speak for the entire community, of course after they watched the video. Speaking only for myself, I thought it was fun.

  • Fang

    I usually like how Andrew Christian is really campy in their sex appeal but this is too much. It’s just stupid!!

  • RRT

    AHAHAHA! It’s a boy dance party! Where is Bruce Willis?

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