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Andrew Christian Models Get Their Greek On


Andrew Christian has done it again. This black-and-white video, inspired by classical Greek sculpture and choreographed by Michael Silas, is a true work of art. The brand says: “We love the ancient Greeks because they did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier as modern Western societies have done.”

For more information go to The Underwear Expert.

Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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    “Black and White”. )))Irony klaxon(((

    Seriously, it’s fucking insulting. Therd should be a moratorium on these companies advertising here until there is better representation of the broad spectrum of your readership. How hard can it be. This is fucking embarrassing. I’m embarrassed and white.

  • gskorich

    hmmm, work of art? interesting. its an underwear ad and not a very good one

  • jckfmsincty

    I don’t think porn stars should be employed as models.

  • CityBoy300

    I last two minutes; sorry, I did not see ANY black models.

  • Mezaien

    No blacks? NO tanks! Andrew Christian, never for me.

  • gjg64

    There was nothing “Ancient Greek” about that whatsoever. Talk about a soft-core porn ad trying to justify itself.

  • toberlin

    I am starting to pity the ancient Greeks…they are worth to read more than 140 characters about them.

  • Kieru

    The Trophy Boy line is terribly named but also extremely comfortable – best underwear I’ve ever bought and I continue to patronize AC for that product line alone. But their advertising… it’s embarrassing. They aren’t even selling the idea of sex anymore – every video production is pretty much soft-core porn.

    I don’t mind looking at attractive men but yeesh. Those models cannot be paid enough to justify what amounts to a porn career (granted, many of them already HAVE a porn career).

  • DonW

    Meh. I don’t object to looking at pretty boys who appear to be fighting to escape giant pantyhose, but I’m still not buying that trashy underwear.


    Looks like there gonna break into a verse of Tomorrow Belongs To Me

    Triumph of the shill!



  • carey579

    Ancient Greeks?

    Never realised ancient the ancient Greek aesthetics was – skinny TATTOOED twinks o_O

    Once again Andrew Christian fails – they can’t even do vulgar right!

  • carey579

    @jckfmsincty – Not to sound a snob but I get and agree with what you’re saying. Pornstars just cheapen it – there has to be a sense of the unattainable like Christiano Ronaldo in the Armani ad and also the ones with top male models. We’ve already seen these pornstars do a LOT more so there is no mystery/hunger for more left anymore.

    But the pornstars that Andrew Christianmay also be the factor for the ads not working. They all look so cheap with all the tattoos. Watch the ‘C-IN2’ underwear ads with the Bel Ami hunks Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert – they are really sexy! I’d like to see a proper hunk like Paddy O’Brian.

  • DK

    “BLACK/WHITE?” Is that an in-joke? Better titles:

    Lily White
    White White
    Whites Only
    Aryan Brotherhood
    Hitler Youth

    The irony must’ve completely escaped them, which is sad. And then pompous statements about social identifiers? Please, Andrew Christian. More like “We love the Jim Crow South because they conceived of racial segregation as a social identifier as modern gay media, fashion, and entertainment companies do.”

    Give me a break.


    Now there are some “Christian values” I can fully support! :p

  • DarkZephyr

    Huh, I thought it was sexy. I am not one to obsess about skin color though, so I don’t notice it that much. I think the KKK comments are absurd because nothing in that add attacked or mocked black people. There just aren’t any black people present. Sure they could use more diversity but the “Jim Crow” and “Aryan Brotherhood” comments are a bit much.

  • Tackle

    @DarkZephyr: Of course you’re gonna say something like that. It’s to be expected. BTW, a more appropriate name for you would be” WhiteZephyr”.

  • Fang

    I think the Andrew Christian brand is cheapening itself with the most recent ads…but my biggest criticism of the whole brand is how whitewashed it is. I mean, come on! In 21st century America, brands and media that are white as fucking snow are bullshit.

  • Mike

    AC is like the gay Hugh Hefner! -That’s what my life is supposed to look like! I’m totally jealous!

  • richybruce

    “…classical Greek sculpture…? “choreographed?” “We love the ancient Greeks because they did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier as modern Western societies have done.” You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s gay “T” and “A” with a bunch of second rate porn stars. I like looking half naked twinks just as much as the next queen, but the entire Andrew Christian brand reeks of lecherous old fag porn. Everytime I see one of these adds and can’t figure out if I’m watching a commercial for gay underware or one of Brian Singer’s home movies.

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