Andrew Christian Models Preach Message Of Self-Acceptance This Pride Month

gayandlucky_9_Underwear retailer Andrew Christian is taking a departure from the kind of booty-dropping, dick-slapping, car-washing viral marketing videos we’ve come to expect from him in favor of a new marketing campaign just in time for Pride — one that pushes a more inclusive message of love and self-acceptance.

Featuring the 2013 Most Original Stoli Guy winner Billy Cavallo, “Gay & Lucky” is “an inspirational message” geared toward “the younger LGBT community and those still questioning their sexual identity.” “Coming out can be one of the most liberating and joyful experiences of your life,” it says.

It’s obviously much easier for a tan twink to come out to a roving group of underwear-clad models in West Hollywood than it is for a huge number of LGBT teens dealing with their sexuality in not-so-accepting environments, but the message still stands: “We understand your fear and anxiety but don’t lose hope, coming out can be one of the most liberating and joyful experiences of your life.”

Now try and guess what writing all over your arm in marker has to do with this:

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  • Stache99

    No clue but then I don’t get what guys dressing in ass-less under wear and pink daisy dukes has to do with it either.

  • boring

    What better way to deliver the message of love and acceptance than beautiful, unobtainable people whose level I’ll never even be able to comprehend as an idea, let alone a fact.

    Who will speak for my kind: ugly people?

  • Heyguy

    Yeah… Twink/jock. Best looking. Its easier to accepted by gay community of course. Great message of love. End of rant.

  • Franco C.

    It’s possible Andrew Christian will explain to these models that they’ve reached their best-before date sometime in the near future. Then they’ll have to accept that too, and unfortunately so many gay men who post a shirtless selfie a day, can’t cope as well with getting older. Also, for all their open-minds, I doubt any of these people would date a person who doesn’t go to the gym. It’s all about health, though, yeah, that’s it, health. But, on the bright side, it’s a nice message, just not sure how it applies to gays and lesbians in rural areas. Oh did, they even mention lesbians? Of course not.

  • Teeth

    I was going to write something bitter and self-loathing about the fact that I don’t have a perfect body and a huge dong.. but you all beat me to it.

  • Profe Sancho Panza

    This would’ve seemed like a transmission from another planet to my teenaged cow-milking self (actually, it still does!), but their hearts are in the right place.

  • Tracy Pope

    What a lovely advertisement for Andrew Christian whateveritistheysellbesidessex.

  • rilmendontwerac


  • michael mellor

    Yes, I accept people…so long as they have a gym-toned body and huge dong.

  • Geeker

    Here learn messages of self acceptance from these vapid human sex dolls that in reality would probably find you far too beneath them in the gay hierarchy to ever give you more than a dismissive sneer…Oh and buy my overpriced underwear.

  • Mezaien

    Schwul, schwul, und mehr schwul, just not HERE.

  • sanfranca1

    I see everyone took their bitter pills today.

  • sportyguy1983

    Shameful exploration to sell underwear but it is to be expected from this ridiculous company.

  • drivendervish

    I don’t know what your’re all so upset about. Of course it’s an attempt to sell underwear. That’s why they’re in business. Isn’t it better to have an ad with a positive message? These are exactly the kind of guys I fantasized about before I came out. I didn’t fantasize about fat guys in rural counties or lesbians. These guys are close enough in age to the 15-20 year old gay boys out there, who aren’t quite sure if they’re gay or not, can relate to. The time for them to appreciate the sexiness of an intelligent, stable guy will come much later.

  • Larry & Patrick

    I found the little video entertaining and honestly it is well done for the age group that it is intended to be for. Goodness who doesn’t love a little bit of sugar….LMAO! Now that I have offically entered that place known as “dirty old man” and while this is most definately an underwear ad it is still relevant and poigniant for the youth of today.

  • Paul

    Jesus Christ do you people love yourselves or not!? Wtf!
    Suddenly all up in arms over a damn ideal, c’mon.
    We all know these AC boys represent only a small portion of us (the stereotypical ideal gym-going, hard-ab, solid figure guy).
    Don’t yuck our yum! Ahahah, Classical Ideals have been around for millenia, have you heard of Rome!? ;)

    NEWFLASH FELLAS, confidence is sexy as fuck! No matter what you look like, how heavy, how tall, how small or what! And basically all of you just showed us how you really feel about yourselves :(
    Stop driving a wedge within OUR already tiny and disadvantaged community because you’re green with envy, or whatever it is that’s causing you guys to alienate your own..

  • Alan down in Florida

    I want to live in that neighborhood!! Of course as middle aged and fat I would be invisible but it would certainly make me walk every day.

  • Paul

    @Alan down in Florida: If you think it, so shall it be.
    Think positive, and be who you want.

  • michael mellor

    Oh, yes, I accept soiled undies from gym-toned twinks with musky odors emanating from their cracks and breath that smells like Red Bull.

  • Paul

    @michael mellor: Idk if that’s the right video dude xD

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