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Andrew Garfield’s shirtless, leather-clad desert photoshoot has the entire internet parched

Andrew Garfield

It’s always nice to see the world’s most enthusiastic ally, Andrew Garfield, being properly appreciated.

After a year of stunning work like his Oscar-nominated tick…tick…BOOM! role and leading the Emmy-contender Under the Banner of Heaven, the actor promised back in April that he was packing it in for something of an indeterminate “hibernation” period. Fans have still been fed the occasional lovely paparazzi snap and red carpet moment from the actor, but things have been otherwise quiet.

The star has returned for just a moment to give an all-encapsulating interview for British GQ — but folks may not be paying as much attention to the text as they are the accompanying photoshoot.

This Man of the Year cover is giving “man of our dreams”:


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The interview is touchingly introspective and emotionally raw as the actor discusses the professional celebrations and personal grieving he’s gone through over the past year.

All of that is out the window over on Twitter, where people are ready to swallow him whole like Burmese pythons.

Between the gorgeous landscape, the stunning physique, and fans being generally starved for content from their parasocial celebrity husband, it’s a Garfield stan national holiday over there.

It’s not DEFCON 1, but definitely close to a 2:

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With the way Elon is titanically tanking Twitter, there’s no telling how many more times we’ll get to come together on the platform in gloriously unabashed group thirst like this. It’s refreshing to see this crazy world unite for just a moment to celebrate what truly matters: tastefully slutty man behavior.

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