Andrew “I Don’t Like Mens No More” Caldwell Says He Is The Victim Of A Hate Crime

10978651_779123832157520_3878412677644536110_nAndrew Caldwell took the internet by storm last November when video of him testifying that he had been delivered from homosexuality before the Church of God in Christ emerged online.

“I’m not gay no more!” Caldwell hollered over a gospel choir. “I am delivered! I DON’T LIKE MENS NO MORE!”

After the video went viral, Caldwell followed it up by releasing a gospel remix of his testimony called “I’m Not Gay No More.” It didn’t take long, however, for the single to be yanked from iTunes after the Church of God in Christ threatened the 21-year-old with a lawsuit, accusing him of making a mockery of the service and saying they owned the audio, to which Caldwell responded by saying that it was his voice and only he–not the church, not even God–could claim ownership of it.

andrew-caldwell-bloody-640x853And that was the last we heard from Mr. Caldwell. Until now.

Earlier this week, the author of nearly a dozen self-published e-books and once aspiring fashion designer uploaded an image of himself with a bloody nose to his Facebook page.

According to Caldwell, he was walking to his car in a strip mall parking lot in Montana when two unidentified men approached and punched him in the face. Afterwards, they fled the scene in a black automobile shouting “I’m not gay no more!”

“Ever since I talked about my deliverance from the sin of homosexuality, I have been receiving threatening messages by email and social media,” Caldwell said after the attack. “I fear for my life. I have been physically and verbally attacked. I feel that I will have to do whatever it takes to protect myself.”

Love Caldwell or hate him (we love him), nobody deserves to be physically attacked like that.

The state of Montana’s hate crimes statute does not cover violence based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

h/t: Atlanta World Daily

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