Andrew “I’m Not Gay No More” Caldwell’s Inevitable Album Drops, Church Threatens Lawsuit

adrewssdffddfMilking your fifteen minutes of fame is no easy feat.

When the world met Andrew Caldwell, he was testifying to God and the Church of God in Christ convention in St. Louis that he is not gay no more, he doesn’t like mens no more, has been delivered, women women womenenn woowoowoom.

While the internet was shaking its collective head over the power of religion to delude human nature, Caldwell saw an opportunity to make a little scratch and drag out his eventual fade from the public sphere.

There were a few remixers who got to the idea first, but now Andrew’s very own self-mocking jam has hit the iTunes music store.

And to further bastardize the holy notions of church and salvation, the Church of God in Christ is threatening to sue Andrew, claiming it owns the audio sampled in the song.

If they really wan’t the $10 in total sales it’ll likely earn, we guess that’s their call.

Aptly titled “I’m Not Gay No More,” the track can be yours for 99 cents.


But to save you a dollar (and it really is a dollar well saved), here’s the track on YouTube: