It Gets Real

Andrew Rannells describes shooting sex scenes with real-life boyfriend Tuc Watkins in detail

Actor Andrew Rannells, known for his role on Broadway in The Book of Mormon and in shows like Black Monday, just made a startling revelation: he and his boyfriend, actor Tuc Watkins, shot sex scenes together for the latter show.

In an interview with Seth Meyers, Rannells detailed the delight of having his real-life boyfriend, Watkins, land a job as his character’s boyfriend on the Showtime series.

“Having done [sex scenes with costars, and with a real-life boyfriend], I can say that the anxiety is a new kind of anxiety,” Rannells said. “On Girls I had to do a handful of sex scenes, a few with Corey Stoll who’s fantastic, but we didn’t really know each other, so that was awkward.”

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“With Tuc,” Rannells continued, “it was very easy to block it and get into it but then when it came time to actually filming it all of a sudden I had this realization that I was surrounded by the crew who have now become friends of mine. I thought, I wonder if they’re thinking, ‘So that’s what it looks like, that’s what they do at home, that’s how they touch each other!’ So then I got weirdly self-conscious in a different way. But all that said, it was much easier to do it with somebody [you’re intimate with].”

Black Monday follows a group of stockbrokers–including a closet case, played by Rannells–and their fraternity-like world in the build-up to October 19, 1987, “Black Monday,” the worst stock market crash in Wall Street history. Production on the second season of the show stalled due to COVID-19, though episodes have resumed filming this month. New episodes return to Showtime June 28.