Dear mom

Andrew Rannells warned his mom about “too many d*cks” in his new book

Continuing the promotion for his new memoir Too Much is Never Enough, Broadway star Andrew Rannells has made a confession: the book has too much sex for his mom.

While sitting down for an interview with Seth Meyers, Rannells confessed he should have added a warning in the introduction that the book contains a fair amount of sexual content.

He added that his mother received her own personal warning. “I just said if she had any questions about what anything was,” he told Meyers, “or what terms were, she should ask my younger sister Natalie. I just told her, ’Look, if you get to a chapter and there’s, like, too many d*cks in it, just skim ahead. You don’t need to read all of it.'”

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Rannells’ memoir has already made headlines as the actor reveals that a priest sexually assaulted him as a teenager. Rannells would eventually flee his Omaha upbringing for New York City, where he found life as a gay man much more welcoming. He went on to star in productions like The Boys in the Band, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and The Book of Mormon, which he earned a Tony nomination.