Andrew Shirvell Taking ‘Voluntary Leave of Absence’ From Michigan AG’s Office

Now that Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell is no longer clocking in to work under AG Mike Cox? It’s being called “a voluntary leave of absence.” Which means, at least according to HR’s paperwork, it wasn’t Cox who pushed Shirvell out the door; he left of his own volition.

Cox’s spokeswoman Joy Yearout, reports AnnArbor.com, “would not comment on the length of the leave or any other details, saying only it was Shirvell’s decision to temporarily step aside from his position as an assistant state attorney general.”

The Facebook group calling for Shirvell to be fired? Almost at 9,000 members. And I hoped you saved a copy of Shirvell’s blog Chris Armstrong Watch, because now it’s offline.

Meanwhile, there are rumors floating around the Facebook group “We Support Chris Armstrong” saying Shirvell only has three weeks left on his job, which would mean his suspension is just an off-ramp to a full-time exit.