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Andrew Shirvell Working Hard To Ensure He Can Keep Harassing Chris Armstrong

Andrew Shirvell has even more free time to invest in his ridiculous blog-and-TV campaign attacking Chris Armstrong, the gay University of Michigan student assembly president, now that he’s on a “voluntary” leave. Which means Armstrong’s attempt to get a restraining order against him would really dampen those efforts. So what tricks does Shirvell have to block any attempt to keep some distance between the two?

After months of harassment, Armstrong filed for a protective order in September. Shirvell wants to keep that from happening.

Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell is asking a Washtenaw County judge to withdraw from hearing a request for a personal protection order against him because of the judge’s ties to state representative and former gubernatorial candidate Alma Wheeler Smith. In an Oct. 6 court filing, Shirvell requests that Judge Nancy Francis recuse herself from hearing the request by University of Michigan student body President Chris Armstrong for a restraining order against Shirvell.

Shirvell claims Francis is unable to impartially hear the case because Wheeler Smith, Francis’ sister, has been publicly critical of him. “The actions/statements of Representative Wheeler Smith, who is the sister of Judge Francis, clearly constitutes grounds for disqualification. At the very least, the statement of Representative Wheeler Smith and the nature of her relationship to Judge Francis create an appearance of impropriety,” Shirvell said in a court filing.

Ah yes, State Rep. Wheeler Smith, the woman who Shirvell also launched a smear campaign against when she was to assume a board seat at a bank, because she’s pro-choice. Because that little spat is totally going to get in the way of evidence like Shirvell stalking Armstrong, bullying him online, and camping out at parties he attends. []

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  • Lady Macbeth

    Shirvall has Armstring’s attention. Why doesn’t he just come out and tell the Armstrong he finds him attractive?

    Methinks he doth protest too much!

  • Lady Macbeth

    Shirvall has Armstrong’s attention. Why doesn’t he just come out and tell the Armstrong he finds him attractive?

    Methinks he doth protest too much!

  • The Milkman

    Again, dude looks like a fat Pee Wee Herman. No wonder he’s bitter.

  • Superman

    Slap a mustache on this runt and you have Herr Hitler’s doppelganger, never mind that a clutch purse falls out every time he opens his mouth. Mark my words: like those Westboro nuts, he has some serious divine retribution headed his way. Spewing out that much venom and hatred always comes right back to you–and them some!–in the end.

  • Tony

    One day, this mental case is just going to lose it and do some physical damage to Armstrong – the only thing that gets anyone’s attention, apparently. Unfortunately, there really won’t be anyone to “blame” the morning after: Shirvell’s an adult; there’s no school acting in loco parentis; and it was never appropriate for his boss to be responding to his extracurriculars (although leave of absence from the DA’s office in the face of a protective order request seems entirely appropriate).

    I obviously hope it never comes to a tragic/bizarre headline, but this guy is close enough to the edge that it’s a possibility. And on that day, of course, “the story” will be that something which could have been done, wasn’t, so breathless pundits who think they’re our friends will be scurrying in search of a scapegoat.

    And that’s the time to say, “Girl, you’re soaking in it.”

  • scott ny'er

    i don’t get why the good people have to suffer and trash like this dude surfs on life’s sweet wave until he’s old and decrepit.

    i mean the way he was spouting on and on in that Anderson/CNN clip you’d think he’d have an aneurysm. And yet he keeps chugging along. Getting paid leave and doing evil.

  • Marty

    Shirvell is incapable of seeing any error in his ways, and he is going to use every last trick in the legal book to ensure that he gets *his* way in these matters. He likely has Mike Cox advising him, too, since they play out of the same book. Shirvell’s history of “activism” indicates he is going to be very difficult to pin down, he has harassed and protested against so many people and so many things in this area that there is likley no one left in the legal system who does know of him and have some sort of “bias”. Armstrong needs to get a fearless attorney and make it so he can scrape Shrivell off of his shoe like the poo that he is…

  • Patrick

    How does someone so mentally ill get a job as an AAG? Oh, I forgot. He’s a republican.

  • Mark

    Another reckless Republican with no observable boundaries and rationale thinking. Frightening. Dangerous. Who would want to be the target of this man’s focus?

  • L.

    Oh, yes, because we cannot *possibly* have any *appearance* of impropriety when judging *evidence* of impropriety, can we now, Ms Shirwell?

  • MGangemi

    Shirvell up and die! *srry had to do it*

  • Karen St John

    What a pathetic shill. I wonder how much he hates him if he is willing to act this hatefully towards other human beings.

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