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Andrew Shivell Comes Out (As A Cyber Bullying Victim)

“How can you seek protection from crazy people,” asks gay Nazi hunter Andrew Shirvell, straight faced. Wow, and here I thought I was going to have to write an entire introduction to his The Daily Show interview.

Let’s See If Chris Armstrong Can Get Andrew Shirvell Disbarred!

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  • FreddyMertz

    I usually “um” when sucking cock. It writes itself. lol.

  • Comixbear

    Gee, Andrew, don’t you know that this is all freedom of speech?


  • Cam

    Yeah, he’s claiming to be a victim the same way the Mormons did after Prop 8.

    the Mormons: Gee, we were just excersizing our right to try to turn you into second class citizens and take away your rights, and you called us a name. We’re victims!

    Andrew Shirvile: People have said mean things to me on the internet because I have waged a creepy dangerous and stalkerlike harrassment campaign against a young homosexual man that I am obsessed with, since I am a conservative and I can’t sleep with him, I can focus all my pent up closeted rage on him and make his life a living hell. I am a victim!

  • Pitou

    Hysterical! This has to be the best shit I’ve seen all day!

    Andrew.. if you had done that to me, I would have kicked your big Gay face in.. in front of your boss and Channel 3 news so there was no question that a big old FAG kicked your ass! Pussy!

    Bring it to CT, Honey!

  • ron

    He really is a little gnome in an ill-fitting suit. And he’s totally out of his mind. He’s dangerous.

  • Skyler

    Ugh, he’s so stupid and hypocritical! He’s like a really mean and even stupider Michael Scott.

  • Judd

    I can’t figure out why he would agree to appear on the Daily Show. He had to know they were going to make him look like an ass, not that they had to work very hard.


    Chris Armstrong finally has a reason to thank this deranged, obsessed, fanatical stalker. He just proved without a reasonable doubt that he is certifiabley insane and should not be in possession of license to practice law, making Chris’ case quite easy to prove……………..

  • scott ny'er

    OMG. That was hilarious. Sadly, the reason why it’s so funny, is not funny. And really effin’ scary. Shivell is CLUELESS and that’s what makes it so scary. He is deranged. Obsessed. Off his rocker. Crazy. A loon.

    I really don’t think he gets that he was being made fun of. And how he thinks he is being bullied and is what he did. What a douche.

  • Shofixti

    Palin . Shirvell . 2012 .

  • OnCloud9

    He and Craigery Morgan should have a reality TV show together.

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