Andrew Sullivan Is Going To Stay In The United States Forever


Blogger Andrew Sullivan got word that his green card had finally been approved in an email (subject line: “Congrats”) from his immigration attorney. And so concludes Andrew Sullivan’s 18-year journey to tear into American politicians while claiming to be one of the people they represent, which makes posts like this one all the more genuine.

It has been a journey of 18 years – the promise of a new life and a new start for a jejune, precocious kid from England somehow always coming with an asterisk, the shame of my illness conflated with this crushing fear that I still did not belong and would probably never belong to the country I had fallen in love with. Nothing scared me as much; nothing was able to get into my heart and soul with this level of anxiety and fear. Not HIV. This was deeper than HIV. It was a threat to the home from where I could fight the HIV. Nothing in my future could confidently be planned; everything was a gamble that one day, I could actually, simply, finally be secure in my own home with my own husband in a life that would have been so hard to rebuild from scratch somewhere else. That fear hanging over my head never left me from June 23 1993 to a few hours ago.

[Daily Dish]