Andrew Sullivan Justifies His Blog

Homo-journo Andrew Sullivan, who blogs for The Atlantic, wants all of America to know how hard it is being his online avatar.

In an essay titled “Why I Blog,” Sullivan spends around 5,000+ words describing his relation to the “quintessentially postmodern idiom” and the nasty, nasty commentator criticism.

Yep it’s just a blow-hardy as it sound…


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  • ggreen

    I love that most unflattering photo of the Sullivan. You can see his family tree all the way back to Porky Pig.

  • Darth Paul

    This just reinforces what we knew- his favorite topic is nothing more than himself. I dismiss the egocentric drivel.

    Also, YEAH, that pic is awful! He needs to bring the beard back FAST.

  • My God Joe

    Andrew Sullivan is articulate, a good writer, and intellectually interesting. Just because he doesn’t troll the garbage looking for some poor sap to out, or march in lockstep with the feau-gressive orthodoxy, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.

  • Vito

    Andrew Sullivan has done his share of trolling. See his fascination with the false Palin pregnancy rumors.

    “Now all we need is confirmation from the obstetrician who delivered Sarah’s baby, Trig.” wtf!

    One expects that kind of trash talk from a site like Queerty, but Andrew Sullivan gave up his ideals and balance long ago. Always a disappointing read.

  • M Shane

    Sullivan is an articulate writer; unfortunately he has nothing to say that has been of any value to the gay community. He has taken advantage of a peculiar slot in America’s polity for a gay apologist and suckup. Unfortunately way to many gay people have taken him seriously and fallen by the way as semicloseted corporate twits hidding in suburbs across the country. Sadly straight people are made to feel comfortable with a gay prototype which will and can never be authentic.

  • Robert

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I read the work of Sullivan, and found it to be articulate and current…

    Then he became a self postulating whiner, that isn’t in touch with what is going on in the gay community… seeing/hearing him speak was even worse then reading his current work.

    Someone needs to pull the plug.

  • John (yet another John)

    He will be deserted by all sides. He’s NOT a conservative not matter how much he says he is. They all hate him. He’s off base on gay issues. We all think he’s an “Uncle Tom”. He’s just lost it during this election. All his posts are emotional and unreasoned. To paraphrase Brokeback Mountain, “I quit him a LONG time ago!”

  • gayinsf

    I used to read “Daily Dish” every day but left “the flock” during Hilary’s campaign efforts…his daily assault on her was infuriating. I’ve since returned, however, and I agree with MY GOD JOE … I also applaud his exposing McCain’s support of torture and Palin’s mendacious ways. And there’s a wealth of Right and Left-leaning blogs out there so it’s good to get the semi-middle Libertarian point of view.

  • Terry

    This pathetic troll is a disgrace to himself, the gay community and to the human race in general!

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