Will Gay Journalist's Heart Be Broken? Probably.

Andrew Sullivan Loves Ron Paul

Homo-journo Andrew Sullivan let the world know that he prefers Ron Paul to the other GOP candidates. John McCain nearly won the British-born Sullivan’s political heart, but Paul’s tried and true libertarian conservatism brought back memories of right wing bliss:

The great forgotten principles of the current Republican party are freedom and toleration. Paul’s federalism, his deep suspicion of Washington power, his resistance to government spending, debt and inflation, his ability to grasp that not all human problems are soluble, least of all by government: these are principles that made me a conservative in the first place.

Poor Sullivan. His dreams are probably going to be shattered: Rasmussen Reports reports that Paul only has 6% of the likely Republican votes. Sullivan’s Democratic favorite Barack Obama, however, holds 27% of likely Democratic voters.