Andrew Sullivan Calls Out Pope For Being Gay, Living With His Sexetary

georg-benedictConservative, Catholic and gay blogger Andrew Sullivan has some issues with the circumstances surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement, which happens today b-t-dubs (cue the confetti).

Benny is apparently not going into a life of seclusion, prayer and meditation, but rather taking the papal equivalent of “me time.”

He’ll retain the title of Pope Emiritus, with the terrific honorific of “His Holiness”, while still living in The Vatican where his divinely handsome secretary Monsignor Georg Gänswein will continue to service both him and the new Pope.

Nicknamed Gorgeous Georg, the author Colm Toibin described Gänswein as “remarkably handsome, a cross between George Clooney and Hugh Grant, but, in a way, more beautiful than either.” The heavenly hot silver fox Father even covered an issue of Italian Vanity Fair bearing the headline, “Father Georg – It’s not a sin to be beautiful.”

In the Pope’s presence, Gorgeous Georg admits that “the heart beats a little stronger than usual,” leading Sullivan to note that Gänswein is “clearly in some kind of love with Ratzinger (and vice-versa).”

The blogger goes on to claim that the sexy secretary’s dual Pope duty is more reminiscent of Melrose Place than The Vatican. Yeah, but we bet there’s way more gay sex in the latter.

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  • Rock Star

    OK Being gay no surprise, as my 10 years in Catholic Schools has shown me what with all the priests wanting to “comfort me”.

    If this is true and if there is a hell, then both the pope in the pizza and his lover Gorgeous George will live in the pits of hell for being hypocritical in their sermons .
    Plus the fact that Jesus who said some are born gay and again when Jesus blessed a gay couple in the story of the Roman Centurion which I know they are familiar with should put Jesus in a foul mood and make sure there is a special place for them in the hot box being constantly seduced by Satan forever, and not in a good way.

    BTW I looked at this guy and he is no George Clooney and most certainly no Hugh Grant, just a plain Jane to me, so I have no idea what the writer Colm Toibin is talking about.

  • Ottoman

    I think Georgie G is sexy as hell. Until I remember he’s likely a self loathing gay Nazi-f*cker and definitely contributing to the pain and suffering of gay kids and molested kids and plenty of other minoirities all over the world.

  • Rock Star

    @Ottoman: Well of course its all in the eyes of the beholder, but other than your opinion of his attractiveness, I agree with the rest of your sentiment. His boss, now the former pope in the pizza was in charge of the molestation investigations before he was elected Pope and helped cover up the molesters and transferred abusive priests instead of firing them will have to answer to the first Pope when he dies. Saint Peter will not be amused.

  • Ron Jackson

    POPE SEX! by Gio Black Peter. Check it out. On his last album “Virgin Shuffle”. But really, sex with Benny? Euwhh.

  • tidalpool

    Am I the only gay catholic who is offended by the constant attacks and sneers voiced on this site against the holy father? I can accept he is human, was born under sin, and will remain a sinner until God forgives him. While I can appreciate digs and jokes about a pope or the clergy, its a very different story when you name a priest who has not had any verified complaint against him, other then this man has upheld the church’s long standing beliefs. No Roman Catholic will ever be able to approve of sinning, its part of the basic teachings of the church. Its more then foolish to think the pope does in his private life.

  • Kieran

    Everybody knows its impossible for two men to live together without sex coming into play. Look at Oscar and Felix.

  • bmwblonde

    Poor Tidalpool. At so many levels. The first being, what kind of nut-job religion is it that fantasizes (a) a god creating man in his own image; (b) that god giving man free will; (c) that god “tempting” god (with that evil bad nassy old thing, sex); (d) and then condemning man to be Bad and Guilty, and (e) with man therefore needing “the” “Church” (both oxymorons) as the eternal cash payment-recipient for (temporarily) absolving that whole fantasy, whack-job “original sin.” And that’s just the first level.
    The second level is that Catholics (and other terminally black/white, woman-hating, patriarchal, authoritarian “religions”) HATE the body, hate women, and hate sex. That is so obviously crazy, except those those born in the Catholic Cult insane asylum, where it’s “normal.” The third level is Tidalpool trying to be a “gay Catholic.” That’s like trying to being a Jewish Nazi, or a black Ku Klux Klansman. You’re really confused. Get help, please, before you waste your entire life drowning in those RIDICULOUS “conceptualizations.” Life is terrific, but only without being in the pathetic trap of “religions” — which are always spirituality-killers.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    bmwblonde, Religion is not spirituality. Organized Religion is a business. These men, playing Church, are as far from Spirituality as one can get. Idolatry and worldliness has little to do with the Spirit. They will answer for this. Simply, you can tell what kind of spiritual health a person is in by their words and behaviors. Symptoms are as noticeable as physical ailments. Ego will challenge the notion of spirit. It has been done before. There’s nothing new under the sun and we are not enlightened enough to do anything, but compare ourselves to others that came before us. Rather than demolishing tidalpool with “Poor Tidal pool” and “Nut-job” and “whack-job” “HATE” and “crazy” and “Jewish Nazi” and “Black Ku Klux Klansmen” and “Confused” and “Drowning” and “RIDICULOUS” and “Pathetic” why not just let him be and hear him out. He seems to have one over on you in the love department, so he must be doing something right.

  • Elloreigh

    This piece of hackery by Sullivan is little more than a lot of innuendo and extremely short on facts. I find it impossible to give it any credence, and moreover think it likely to do us more harm than good.

  • Burlington

    A statement made without proves. It speaks a lot about the one who said this. In my hometown we call it ‘ calumny ‘.

  • Fidelio

    Andrew Sullivan doesn’t know shit about shit. Period. Having said that, @Kieran, who the hell is Oscar and Felix?

  • mz.sam

    Although Andrew Sullivan has established himself as a serious veteran journalist, you can’t take the boy out of its British tabloid reporting. Leather burns from slings are always difficult to heal.

  • viveutvivas

    …and Andrew Sullivan continues to be as irrelevant as he always was. Desperate much?

  • jar

    The converts are always the most rabid, aren’t they?

  • zenileon

    ‘Beautiful’,my ar*e!!!

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