Trans Rights Not Equal To Gay Rights

Andrew Sullivan Supports Barney Frank

Representative Barney Frank can rest easy tonight. Conservative homo-journo Andrew Sullivan also thinks a neutered ENDA deserves a go. Well, sort of:

The transgendered movement is so important that it’s worth subjecting gay people to many more years of employment insecurity. Not so urgent, after all, is it? Gay people in red states without employment protection have to wait while pomo lefty activists in cushy gay lobby jobs preen about p.c. purity.

I’m no big supporter of ENDA and don’t truly believe it will make much of a difference. Nonetheless, holding it up for transgendered inclusion after two decades of waiting seems bizarre even for the p.c. hell that is the gay rights establishment. I can’t believe I’m with Barney Frank on this one. But I am.

Why are we not surprised? Sullivan’s not exactly the post child for equality, compassion or humanity.