Andrew Sullivan Wants You To Buy His Book

While we’re on the subject of gay books – or, at least, books by gay people – let’s take a second to ponder the publication of homo-servative Andrew Sullivan’s new book: The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How To Get It Back.

Sullivan and his cronies don’t talk to us, so we never would have known about it had we not again taken a chance on his blog, The Daily Dish, where Sullivan’s published a lovely little post quoting the acknowledgement page from his new release:

This book was informed throughout by the readers of my blog, who have written countless emails challenging arguments made here and making others.

Of course, he’s just warming them up for the interactive pitch:

For me, it’s been an fascinating experience to see how two media can interact – how ideas and arguments that started on a blog can evolve into something more concrete in a book. So, to take the next obvious step, I’m hoping to continue the debate about the boook … on the blog. I’m resurrecting the Book Club format I experimented with a few years ago – but with my own book this time.

Here’s the idea: you buy the book online or from a store, you get three weeks or so to read it along with everyone else, and then I post the sharpest email criticisms of the book and respond to them. It’s like an online reading club which ends in a grilling of the author. I’ve hired an extra pair of eyes to read every single email and make sure I don’t miss the best counter-arguments. So the book will continue, I hope, in some way on the blog. As will the arguments.

We have to admit, this is one of the better cross-promotional tricks we’ve seen since John Cameron Mitchell’s work with Time Out New York.

Sullivan’s certainly got the salesman bit down: kiss ass with some meaningless drivel, back up sincerity of comments with a bit of personal reflection, then tricks the softened up readers into buying the book with a challenge to submit their thoughts. Marketing genius!

Here’s a trick: someone get us a copy of this book (we’re certainly not buying it), and we’ll play Sullivan’s little game ourselves…

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  • Leland

    Does Sullivan include a new Web address for his trolling [!] for bareback sex partners?

    I’m not the first to suggest that Reichen’s book will probably include a discount coupon for his next meat puppet calendar.

  • el polacko

    no doubt that andrew lives in “sullivan-world” and i tire easily of his incessant kissing of papal rings or the beating to death of one subject like torture ..ahh the sweet irony ! .. but there’s no getting around the fact that he’s a very bright guy and has been an articulate spokesman for gay rights and marriage rights in particular. his thoughts about what has become of conservatism as he once understood it to it’s present state of following evangelical christian doctrine have been cogent and valuable to the discussion among conservatives. i’m not saying i’m gonna run out and buy the book, but neither am i going to dredge up nasty schoolyard taunts about his alleged barebacking exploits as though that’s enough to simply write-off anything he has to say. can’t we all just get along ?

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