Andrew Sullivan’s A Real Piece of (Art) Work

We’ve always thought writers and artists make cute couples. And Andrew Sullivan and artist boyfriend Aaron Krone are no exception.

While old Sully makes a living slinging words, Krone’s busy slinging paint. And, as you can see, he’s been known to train his eye on his main squeeze. Above you see Sullivan looking muscular and majestic. Below, you see what Big Head DC supposes to be Sullivan’s bottom.
We’re not sure if the bum in question’s actually Andrew’s, but it’s a justifiable hypothesis. We sent a little note over to Sullivan to get the scoop on whether he can claim those globes as his own. No word yet. We’ll let you know what he has to say. That is, of course, if he can find it in his heaving chest to drop us a line.

For more of Krone’s work click here. No, it’s not all of Andrew Sullivan. Yes, it is good.

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  • qjersey


    Sullivan has now officially become just another poz muscle monster hyping his “masculinity.”

  • Jack E. Jett

    if i were young and attractive, i’d fuck it.

    but then again, i have a crush on lou dobbs.

    jack jett

  • ggreen

    Poor Andrew if he only didn’t feel that his religion is mandated by the constitution and that only poor people should pay taxes. (After all they are poor because they deserve to be why shouldn’t they finance wealthy peoples tax breaks.) Republican ass hats rarely change dogma. Sully is one of the reasons Republican gays helped put the US in the sorry state it is in today. He was for Bush and the War and not limited but no government until the winds changed and it wasn’t a risk for him to denounce such things. That’s not very sexy.

  • nystudman

    NY Observer said he was “engaged’ to an actor and they were going to get hitched in Ptown this summer. You sure you got the right hairy armpit-smell loving right-wing bear-poz blogger?

  • el polacko

    his bf certainly sees him through rose-colored glasses, doesn’t he ? must be love.

  • dbb

    ewwww why do you have to keep writing about Andrew Sullivan…just let him and the chris crains(sp) do thier thing no reason to help promote them!!!!

  • mc

    First thought – when did Sullivan become a stud? I hate it when Conservatives are super hot (and yeah, the guy in the painting is hot!)

    If this is really how he looks now, then he’d better stop critiquing muscled-up shaved-torso’d queens ASAP.

    But, I kind of think the future hubby might have taken some artisitic license here.

  • Matt

    That is more than I want to see of ANYONE who is a frequent guest on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

  • Uptown James

    I wanna stick my tongue so far up that haiy ass Drew will be talkin’ Nicaraguan……LOL.

  • Steven Joseph Rotolo


    I work out at the same gym Andrew Sullivan works out, and I can tell you categorically that Aaron (Andy’s squeeze) is looking at his bf through the rosy glasses of LOVE… Mr. Sullivan DOES NOT have the awesome backside painted above, and he doesn’t have a chest like the one depicted either. Mr. Sullivan looks like a man in his 40’s who once took too many steroids but quit going to the gym. He has no ass, skinny ugly legs, and a gut that would put a nine-month pregnant-with-triplets woman to shame… But boy, that Aaron dude must really love his bald-header geezer. Andy smells too…

  • SgtHowie

    I worked with Aaron several years ago and found him to be a very decent guy so I am shocked to find out he ended up with this twat. He wasn’t into bears at all then- it was his “experimenting” with drugs and weekend orgies in Saugatuck phase.

  • SgtHowie

    And now that I see the artist’s name has been edited, I must retract my previous comment. Never heard of Aaron Krone.

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