Andrew Sullivan’s Gay Wedding Blows Our Minds!

It may be tempting to call Andrew Sullivan an “inhuman monster”, but rest assured he’s got a heart. Somewhere.

The conservative journo’s a mere week away from marrying his artist – and flattering – boyfriend, Aaron. And, like any soon-to-be bride, old Sully’s got some nerves. And, like all nerves, reveal his more vulnerable side:

The other night it hit me for the first time that this is really about to happen. I guess I had just put it out of my head until it was only a matter of a week or so away. My fiancé, Aaron, and I have lived together for three years. I have no qualms about our actual relationship. For me, this is for life.

However, standing up in front of my family and my spouse’s and saying the vows out loud has me in a state of butterflies. I can go on television and barely break a sweat, but I’m terrified of performing in front of my own family.

I’m scared that I’ll lose it. I bawled through the last same-sex wedding I went to. When I was diagnosed with HIV 14 years ago, I assumed that this day would never come.

For the first time in my adult life I will have a home.

Congratulations, Andrew! We can’t wait to see you in white! What’s that? We’re not invited? Family and friends only!? Humph, we take back the first sentence of this posting…