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Andrew Sullivan’s Sarah Palin Obsession Is Exhausting

Andrew Sullivan’s exit from the right-wing isn’t exactly news. He declared the move recently, but really, he long ago made the decision, whether there was a formal announcement or not. And yet, whether it’s Stockholm Syndrome or something else, Sullivan remains obsessed with his former peers. Namely, Sarah Palin, who once considered suing him.

Are we still challenging this lady on whether her son Trig is biologically hers? Behar wants to know if anyone “is investigating this.” Sullivan wants to know why an 8-months-pregnant, water-broken woman is flying on a plane.

And it’s all under the guise of truth telling. Or, as we like to call it, beating a dead horse.

That said, we appreciate Sullivan going after Palin’s “double standard” defense. Because: Really?

And yet, if Palin is lying about her child, does that make her an unfit candidate for whatever she plans on doing with her future? Well, only if you consider honesty one of your priorities.

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  • Chance

    Even more exhausting than that is his battered-wife relationship with his anti-equality church. Watching him explain how he doesn’t take communion but still loves Catholicism is like watching Audrey in Little Shop.

  • terrwill

    HEY QUEERTY PEEPS: In case you haven’t been paying
    attention, Scarah Pallin and her minions are attempting
    to take ova the repugnatican party. They aren’t exactaly
    BBFs of the Gays. Why would you cast any shade on this
    guy and his “obsession” of a story that is more than a
    little suspect? FAA regulations prohibit a woman from
    flying past the eight month of being pregnant. If her
    water broke as she described Scarah had to be sitting there with a bucket under her lady parts to prevent puddles from
    forming on the plane. And yet the flight attendants on the
    plane when questioned, claimed “they didn’t
    even know she was pregnant”

    I dunno but this seems like something
    that should maybe be looked into? don’t ya think???

  • FakeName

    Hey terrwill, whatever you’ve started doing that make your messages appear in those distractingly hard to read text blocks, could you, you know, stop?

  • Mark

    I think Andrew Sullivan is a bright guy, terrific writer and mostly sincere. But, then he starts babbling about Jesus and how we’re all “imperfect” and useless sinners and his reward is in heaven and God has a plan and on and on and on …

    … and then I know he is a complete moron. Religion erases wisdom.

  • Attmay

    This guy’s principles, such as they are, are for sale to the highest bidder. But as long as he’s a member of the Romanist cult, he is a menace to society.

    Hypocrisis barebackus gluteus maximus.

  • terrwill

    No. 3 · FakeName: Sorry am using a netbook on the run
    during the day and one of the dirty little secrets of
    these things is that you can’t adjust the layout of a
    page as much as you can with a PC or a slaptop
    to see an entire text box on some sites to see just
    what you are typing. Unfortunately Queerty is one of
    those sites.

    PS: Nice that you are concerned about the readibility(?)
    of my posts :-P

  • ousslander

    He’s as bad as the Birthers, so I guess that makes this the sequel Birthers II: The Alaskan!

  • FakeName

    NP terrwill.

    ousslander, Sullivan barely compares to the birthers (beyond this being an issue that doesn’t really have any bearing anymore). The birthers made something up, Obama provided definitive proof to the contrary, the birthers continued telling the lie, even going so far as to file lawsuits challenging Obama’s election and citing the theory in other suits filed by soldiers refusing to recognize Obama’s authority as Commander in Chief. In response to rumors about the mother of a Palin baby, Palin released a bizarre story about flying twelve hours while in the eighth month of a high risk pregnancy that no one had heard of, waiting ten hours to deliver a speech after her water broke, flying twelve hours back and then driving an hour to deliver at a hospital that was not only not equipped for high risk pregnancies but which doesn’t even deliver twins. People, including but not limited to Sullivan, rightly pointed out the oddities in the story and the questions that it raised about her judgment or her truthfulness, or both, to which she has refused further response. At this point Palin is such a polarizing political figure that it will make little difference whether she ever answers the questions. That doesn’t mean that Sullivan was wrong to point out her refusal to answer them, nor does it mean that Sullivan is birther-level insane for continuing to note her refusal to do so.

  • hyhybt

    Thanks for that information. I’d never have thought to check a prospective computer purchase for scroll bars, and would be more than a little disgusted to find them missing on one I’d already bought.

  • terrwill

    I remember the story of Trig’s birth during the campaign.
    But got lost in the shuffle. Latest polls show Scarah
    at a 1% difference in a potential match up with Obama in
    2012. Scarah gots lots of ‘splainin to do about this story.
    Nothing in her behavior can be justified as being logical,
    sensible, or truthful. Lets not forget how much they tried
    to hide Bristol’s being preggers at the Pallin family intro
    at the convention. She had Trig draped over her belly instead
    of holding him horizontal like every other newborn has been
    held since babies began sprouting out of vaginas. They were
    desparatley attempting to hide that pregnancy. Hey that one
    had a happy ending: We got Levi Johnston!! According to both
    Levi and Sullivan there are a lot of untold stories about
    Scarah that are brewing. Maybe they should wait until she
    gets the nomination, to really start diggin. Sullivan made
    great points last nite on Joy Behar. Mainly, why in the world
    would anyone in their right mind even remotely consider this
    hack for the office of President?? These rightwing-nutbag
    lunatics are so driven by ideology that they are not even
    considering this womans credintials………In a way it may
    be a huge blessing in disguise for our side if she prevails
    and gets the nod………….

  • DEO

    Palin considered suing him, but couldn’t REALLY. He never said anything untrue. The man is not an idiot. He raises very valid questions merely by printing Palin’s own words. Tina Fey used Palin’s own words ALSO TOO. Palin herself and the Republican Party are Palin’s two worst enemies. The rest of us are just shaking our heads in disbelief.

    THE MANY LIES OF SARAH PALIN is an exhausting job, I am glad there is one person documenting everything.

  • Cam

    No. 11 · DEO said..
    Palin considered suing him, but couldn’t REALLY. He never said anything untrue.


    True, you can always tell when somebody in the public eye is lying about suing. If they are going to sue, they just sue. If they know that they can’t and are just trying to cover something up they say they are “Exploring their legal options” or “Considering a lawsuit”. It’s the same type of thing that people like Nichole Ritchie say when the papers labeled her a drug addict or annorexic, she couldn’t actually sue because they were right. Where other celebs that actually have a real gripe file injunctions immidiately without telling the press they are “Considering” anything.

  • Freddie

    Miss ‘Milky Loads’ Sullivan is, as usual, eight years behind everyone else in realized what horrid douche-monsters the GOP are.

    He’s only recently upset because he got busted sucking dick and a doobie on a federal park near Provincetown. Funny how SullyLoads only gets liberal when his rights are in jeaopardy.

    Too bad this flipflopping little hedgehog hasn’t been deported yet. Not that the U.K. should suffer his presence again.

  • Paul

    Andrew, keep up the good work. Scarah is so beyond bizarre, it seems just a matter of time before her veneer cracks wide open.

    I will say however, she is the dream nominee for the repugnatican party for 2012. I can’t think of a better shoe-in for an Obama second term. And it will be so fun to see her once again be made a complete fool of in the process.

    On a side note, the only thing i think is strange about Sullivan’s relationship with his religion is how any intelligent person can subscribe to any religious organization in the first place, given the history of destuction and oppression religion has inflicted on the world.

    Plus there is no god

  • This is insanity

    Andrew Sullivan and Sarah Palin are equally insane

    Sarah Palin has zero credentials to be President
    Andrew Sullivan is obsessed with her uterus

    Two idiots whom I believe deserve each other

    Maybe Andrew Sullivan , Sarah Palin and Todd Palin could do a threesome together as well

    Oh and the whole ” There is no god thing ” is getting old
    You sound like a ” new atheist ”

    Google ” Moderate atheists VS Radical atheists ”
    Go on YouTube and type in ” New Atheists ”

    New atheists are pathetic and can’t engineer an argument … agnosticism made me leave Christianity but the ” new atheism ” has steered me away and has turned me into a weak Christian Deist ( again )

    I miss the old atheists )=
    Just like the miss those Protestant Christians Renaissance style

    Instead we are left with the new atheists , the psychotic extremist right wing Christians , the insane liberal Christians , flawed gay activists , lying Democrats and so much more

    Welcome to the circus!

    The title is right on
    Andrew Sullivan’s Obsession with Sarah Palin IS exhausting

    Hey Andrew do you like Sarah or something ?
    Go have a threesome with her husband


  • This is insanity

    Sorry I meant ” Just like I miss those Protestant Christians Renaissance style … ”

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