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Andrew Sullivan’s Sarah Palin Obsession Is Exhausting

Andrew Sullivan’s exit from the right-wing isn’t exactly news. He declared the move recently, but really, he long ago made the decision, whether there was a formal announcement or not. And yet, whether it’s Stockholm Syndrome or something else, Sullivan remains obsessed with his former peers. Namely, Sarah Palin, who once considered suing him.

Are we still challenging this lady on whether her son Trig is biologically hers? Behar wants to know if anyone “is investigating this.” Sullivan wants to know why an 8-months-pregnant, water-broken woman is flying on a plane.

And it’s all under the guise of truth telling. Or, as we like to call it, beating a dead horse.

That said, we appreciate Sullivan going after Palin’s “double standard” defense. Because: Really?

And yet, if Palin is lying about her child, does that make her an unfit candidate for whatever she plans on doing with her future? Well, only if you consider honesty one of your priorities.

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