Andrew Sullivan’s Still Talking

What? You thought there wouldn’t be some sort of Andrew Sullivan/Election Day interview? Sheesh, you’re more far gone than we thought.

If you kids head pop on over to our friends at Radar (click here, silly), you too can enjoy John Cook‘s interview between the famed homo-journo-politico. It’s definitely a good read, with Cook really sticking it to Sullivan (pictured, in a Boi From Troi artist’s rendition).
Here’s a taste from their discussion of the war in Iraq:

JC: We do know that perhaps hundreds of thousands of people that are dead now would still be alive.

AS: We don’t know that, actually. We know what has happened because of the result of our actions. We don’t know what the result of inaction would have been. Many people who opposed the Iraq war opposed the Afghanistan war. Not many of them are prepared now to admit it, but many of them did. All one can do is account for the decision one has made. But I don’t think the hard left, which was against anything Bush did, and actually believed that America deserved what Al Qaeda gave us, has been proven right. Do you?

JC: No.

AS: You don’t think Michael Moore, who said the Afghan war was about an oil pipeline deal, has been proven right. But I don’t see you demanding that he take account of his own errors.

JC: I’m not interviewing him right now.

Girl! Slap on a wig, some over-sized glasses and stick a cig in his hand, and John Cook may be the next Oriana Fallaci!

Of course, the boys talk about than just the war. Sullivan calls himself a rebel for being a Thatcherite, glosses over Mark Foley like a pro and defends his love of Reagan. Wheee!

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  • Kevin

    Andrew was very cute when he was younger. He would look a h*ll of a lot better without the beard now.

    I read the complete interview. Andrew doesn’t talk like that. He’s not that concise. So they probably took out a lot of ums and ahs. He’s right about the left and there denial of the existence of terrorism. That really irks conservatives and has made them further intrenched in the republican party.

  • AS bores me

    I really dislike AS, beard or no beard.

  • Jay

    In WW2, America picked the battles carefully. Recall the “Island hopping” strategy? We skipped heavily fortified areas. We knew when to fight.

    We had already decided in Gulf War One not to fight in Iraq. Americans were smarter than to get involved in these stupid people’s problems in the Middle East. We have gained nothing but we’ve spent a fortune in blood and dollars. Worse, this is exactly what our enemies wanted. Halliburton, Bechtel and Osama thank AS.

  • R. Houssaye

    You’re distorting Sullivan’s positions, and I think you know it. Having fun?

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