Andy Cohen Is Definitely A Top, According To Anderson Cooper

AndersonCooper-AnyCohen-jpg_183348_newThings got a little weird on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live this week, where heterosexual daytime talk show host and noted Rosie hater Kelly Ripa engaged in some wildly inappropriate discussion with Anderson Cooper about his circumcised dick and Andy Cohen‘s preferred gay sex role.

Or, according to straight women everywhere, “girl talk LOLzz.”

Ripa and Cooper’s over-the-top commentary came during a “game” in which the three hosts tried to make each other feel uncomfortable live on-air. To Ripa, a straight white woman with zero filter, the best way to make someone feel uncomfortable is by objectifying them and mocking their sexuality.

Their conversation, presented without comment:

Kelly: “Are you circumcised?”

Anderson: “You’re flustering me! I’m flustered.”


Anderson: “I know a lot of secrets about Andy. I guess the one that would most surprise people is he’s a top.”

Andy: “Why, you think people think I’m a bottom?”

Kelly: “I don’t.”

Anderson: “Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m just saying I think that would surprise people. And I don’t know this from personal experience, but from conversations I have had…I mean, it surprised me when I heard about it.”

Kelly: “Why is that a secret? I don’t think that’s a secret. For people who don’t know, at home, do you want to explain what that is?”


Andy: “No, I don’t want to.”

Kelly: “Are you sure?”

Then again, maybe this wasn’t so inappropriate. This show seems to be the best place on late night television for dick talk and voluntary revelations that nobody cares about.

Below, watch Queerty’s exclusive footage of Cohen and Cooper enjoying an after-show cocktail:

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  • Sweet Boy

    Andy a top?…WTF ! I am disappointed, he looks so bottomish

  • joshc

    Saying Kelly Rippa is a “noted Rosie hater” is a bit dramatic. Also, accusing her of mocking their sexuality is a way over the top. Calm down. It was a game, they’re all friends. Stop trying to rally the troops, Matthew. This isn’t chick fil a you’re writing about.

  • blackberry finn

    @joshc: and what does her whiteness have to do with anything?

  • Cam

    How was she mocking their sexuality? Would you prefer it that TV went back to pretending that Anderson Cooper was either Straight or Asexual?

  • tdh1980

    This writer has a way of injecting his opinions into his posts that totally detract from the content itself.

    But back to the subject at hand. I can see Andy Cohen as a top.

  • masc4masc

    Love Kelly. She was simply having fun with being risque. Stop being so sensitive all the time. Andy seems more like a past expiration vers/btm to me.

  • cformusic

    i’m not surprised by this “revelation”..Andy gives off a control freak vibe

  • JetsetTX

    I agree, Kelly was mocking no one’s sexuality! Chill out! Too often Queerty tries to create controversy where none exists. Perhaps it’s the only way to get hits on your website. Oh, that and spontaneously sending people your email when they never subscribed. Granted, I have not chosen to unsubscribe but I do take a lot of what is “reported” here with a grain of salt!

  • 1copaseticsoul

    Gross… Andy is so annoying and inauthentic

  • northwest

    Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper love Kelly Ripa to death, they’re all very close friends and I’m sure she didn’t offend either one of them.

    Andy: “Why, you think people think I’m a bottom?”

    Anderson: “Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with that

    I guess this means Anderson’s a bottom, but I guess everyone already knew that, lol.

  • Dxley

    Well, duh!!! Anderson is a bottom, of course. Ben is in charge and Anderson seems to like it. He’s so sexy, muscular and strong and the Silver Fox never lets it go to waste. Anderson has said it himself that he’s “a more of stuffing man” and clearly, he likes it balls deep inside of him.

  • stanhope

    Oh sweet mother of Mary……you know those girls covered this in the preproduction meeting…..Anderson was primed to say that Andy is a top. REALLY! This is like the boys on manhunt that say they’re negative and you see them at the bottom of the pile at ALL of the raw sex parties. Andy is trying to butch it up since the BRAVO executives punked him out with that small office and demotion. LOL LOL Everybody in the world knows that Anderson is a bottom and always has been.

  • Billy Budd

    I am mostly a top, but I would become a power bottom for Anderson Cooper. I would do anything. Anything.

  • Fang

    Now that this information has been confirmed…anyone wanna help a guy out and pass my number to Andy Coh?

  • James Hart

    I thought that Anderson and Andy were both bottoms!

  • drumstick

    There are two types of men in this big gay world: bottoms and liars…

  • Faggot

    “…inappropriate discussion with Anderson Cooper about his circumcised dick…”

    The author of this article either didn’t listen or doesn’t know how to paraphrase.

    Kelly asked IF he was circumcised. No answer and no answer ABOUT his dick (cut or otherwise).

    It would be disappointing to find out that Anderson is circumcised, but the fact that he’s against circumcision is hopeful for generations to come.

  • cvdixon29

    @Billy Budd: Me too!

  • cvdixon29

    Did Anderson ever answer if he was circumcised or not? I would always think of him as uncut and long and thick! lol or in my dreams anyway.

  • bret

    Ok, I am lost, what does Rosie have to do with the whole article? Was she there too? I dont get it, I dislike mushrooms, it would have nothing to do with an article about me if I won the lottery (seriously who writes this crap)

  • derp

    Remember when Anderson Cooper was a journalist? Those were the days…

  • northwest

    Anderson still IS a journalist, but he can have a little fun too can’t he. No one ever goes after Brian Williams for playing around a bit.

  • Dxley

    Totally love circumcised. I dumped three dudes because they weren’t cut and this is my preference and I ain’t sucking no cheesy dick. I don’t care how many people protest against circumcision and I know I never will, even if Anderson Cooper joins them or any other well-known person for that matter. The choice is very easy for me: circumcised dick or no dick. Simple as that :)

  • wpewen

    This is the kind of crap that makes the cause for gay rights (men in this case) look like a stupid side show. It’s one reason a lot of us are not so jazzed about our new found acceptance. Leave this bitch speak for the private therapist office-all you’re doing is shock value stuff.

  • wpewen

    No, there’s a third: stupid generalizers.

  • JDean

    I threw up a little in my mouth

  • manjoguy

    @Cam: I even wish “that “…TV went back to… ” when there was no Anderson Cooper!

  • enlightenone

    @wpewen: I’ve been struggling with this feeling of not being so celebratory and full of unabashed pride of late. What you said is a reflection of it. However, this is not the topic (in the context of the show)that is discussed in a therapist’s office, more likely a “bathhouse!”

  • wwerts1

    I wouldn’t mind bottom for Andy or Anderson they both are cute and sexy :)

  • decampbell

    “To Ripa, a straight white woman with zero filter, the best way to make someone feel uncomfortable is by objectifying them and mocking their sexuality.”

    You’re a fucking idiot, MATTHEW THARRETT.

  • tdx3fan

    @Faggot: He is a Catholic born white male in the United States that was raised in a Catholic celebrity family. You have a 99.9% chance that he was cut as a kid… He can be completely against genital mutilation and still have had it done to him as a child.

    Lets just throw away all of the science about the fact that cut guys are often more genitally safe and healthy while we are at it…

  • tdx3fan

    @bret: They are trying to frame Kelly as a homophobic bitch and to do that they needed more trumped up evidence such as that bogus assed call… For the record, if Clay Aiken put his hand over my mouth I would have a problem with it as well… its one thing for two friends to joke around like that but a complete stranger is a little fubared.

  • tdx3fan

    @decampbell: You mean like men in general and especially gay men have been doing to women since time began? Jason needs to come comment here about how female Kelly is and how that makes her evil incarnate…

    Homophobia — The fear that straight men have that gay men will begin to treat them the way that they treat women.

  • frankcar1965

    I would rather eat jagged glass than let Andy Cohen the big girl put his penis in me. Much rather Anderson do it but alas, he doesn’t wanna.

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