Andy Cohen Is Looking For A Boyyyyyfriend

Andy Cohen, the host of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, is shopping for a new man in his life.

What, tossing back Singapore slings with the Real Housewives of Akron isn’t enough for him?

In a Mother’s Day interview with Cohen and his mom, Evelyn, in Parade magazine, he revealed he’s tired of living single: “I’m a very happy person and it is the final, final piece of the puzzle.”

Cohen’s got a good job, one good eye and invites to tons of great parties! Why hasn’t this salt-and-pepper fox been snatched up? Maybe he’s too picky. Or lousy with relationships. Or, as his mom asks, “Is life passing him by because he’s working so hard?”

We think its because he pals around on the beach too much with Daniel Craig. Andy, you’re setting the bar waaay too high.

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  • Danny

    Hope he finds someone special (that his mom approves of, of course, so they can enjoy visiting for the holidays).

  • timncguy

    Well, according to the picture you link to with Daniel Craig, Andy is way too fat to be a desirable gay man and he also hasn’t shaved every hair off his body as is apparently required.

  • Chuck

    Bravo should have a show entitled, “Who wants to be Andy’s Boyfriend.” Seriously, I would be better than Pregnant in Heels.

  • KV

    Sounds like another campy, Bravo faux-reality series is in the making!

  • Chadboy

    What happened to Barry Diller? They were together for years and that is how Andy built his career so quickly.

  • Cam

    Amazing that you can build a career by just doing spin-off’s of the “Real Housewives”

  • Frank

    I would give him my number…but I am sooo treif

  • james

    I guess he is tired of hooking up with those whores he buys.

  • DouggSeven

    His standards must be ridiculously high…and possibly necessarily so. I just hope he’s not one of those twink/beefcake chasers like you see so often in NY city gay men. He seems like too nice of a person for that.

  • Marie Cohn

    I’d step up to the plate, but I can see him texting Mama in the middle of sex. So; nah, I’ll pass.

  • SR84

    I like SNL quote “What happens live” …. NOTHING! That’s all folks…

  • twoguysbrooklyn

    Duck Boys! That is a train wreck waiting to happen…

  • w.e.

    I wish him well and find men with gray hair attractive.

  • Basch

    He reminds me of someone that secretly has a baby fetish; you know, like dressing up as a baby and shit. Also, he’s prob still single because he comes off as a little awkward/creepy.

  • Basch

    @DouggSeven: I don’t know if he’s necessarily a twink “chaser”, but I heard a story of him being out at a gay bar in Manhattan and he like beckoned this twink over to him and then proceeded to rub his chest and weird stuff like that. So…maybe he is. Lol

  • WAM

    I’ll be the outlier and say Andy’s a sexy dude and I’ll be his boyfriend. End post. Snark may commence.

  • Urethra Franklin

    Andy Cohen makes me wet!!! So sexyfunnyhandsome

  • jack jett

    If Andy has a lick of sense he would let me find his next hubby. I know what he is looking for and I know where he can find it.

  • Rockery

    EWWW I never realized he was so sloppy, and I’m not talking about his weight

    But good luck, I’m sure he can find someone to buy

  • villa viper

    Andy Cohen seems to be obsessed with “the swirl” (inter-racial dating) on his show. I say he and RIDickulous would have some deep and meaningful conversations :-)

  • Codswallop

    I think he’s very good looking, but in interviews it seems he NEVER shuts TFU and that would strain the very last nerve of many men.

    And a gay Jewish mama’s boy? Been there, done that, and it AIN’T pretty!

    “Well my MOTHER says…” “My Mother thinks…” YADA YADA YADA

    Well then go fuck your mother since this seems to be a threeway between you, me, and her!

  • David

    Maybe he can borrow one of Barry Diller’s Twin Twinks. Things are now coming full circle.

  • Tom

    I’m of the opinion he wants someone famous or rich ( or both ) as a partner, and until then he’ll hook up with the young and willing – nothing wrong with that, as it is just how things work in our “gay caste” system

  • Kyle412

    Barry D. used to bang Andy. They have been together for years. That is how he got hooked into the Hampton’s scene and got his job. Andy has been out for years and a celeb at Bravo and in that time he has never been linked to anyone…because he and Barry are a couple.

  • Kieran

    You just gotta laugh at some of these ANONYMOUS Nobodies who criticize gay men who have made good like Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. Snarky, cynical, bitchy, angry is all these worthless assholes seem to be good at. And somehow they get a sense of satisfaction out of it.

  • Keke

    He confessed the other night he made out with Lance Bass once, I don’t feel bad for him

  • jack jett

    @Kieran: Having a worthless asshole can tend to make some men angry and bitchy. Mine is currently cheap but rapidly headed to worthless.

  • Chester

    The perennial question though is; bottom or top? I wonder.

  • Flick

    I think Andy Cohen is really hot

  • reality

    @Chester: He’s probably versatile, which is disgusting.

  • Johnny

    Andy is cute, I don’t what you bitches are on about.
    Confident successful gay man.

    Who cares if he hit on younger guys in bars, that’s what they are there for.
    And who cares if he hired a call boy, that’s what the exist for.

    Also, saying someone who “versatile is disgusting” is disgraceful.
    Get over yourselves.

  • nikko

    @Kieran: Agreed. It’s disgusting how bitchy and jealous gay men can be and unsupportive. I don’t call such men my brothers but treat them like I do rude female bitches: I either fight back or ignore them. Pathetic.

  • Owen

    Andy is a successful and still attractive older man. He can still pull young cock (and a good deal of it, if what I’ve heard is true). And good for him.

  • Overheard in the industry

    please…andy is known to have a different boy on his arm every week.

    …she’s always on the prowl for a new trick; she just don’t date rent boys like Mr. Jacobs.

  • Chip Davis

    I wish I knew him so I could try to make him mine

  • FelixWood

    He is an obnoxious, useless asshole.

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