Andy Cohen Is So Sexy That Even The Ladies Can’t Resist Him

What would we do without Andy Cohen? During the past few years the Bravo honcho has brought us more guilty pleasure viewing than we can handle with the myriad Real Housewives programming. On his Watch What Happens Live chat show he gets celebs like Suzanne Somers to open up about same-sex weddings or Zachary Quinto to chat about threeways with James Franco, or Hugh Grant to reenact their old rom-coms with him and is even comfortable enough to ask certain folks about their cock size (having a bartender on hand surely helps). His recent best-seller The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year more-or-less outed Kevin Spacey once and for all.  Plus, he’s a total top and besties with Sarah Jessica Parker. And if this wasn’t enough wealth to be showered on one human being, the gods had to go and make the man incredibly sexy, as well. Just take a look at a couple of recent Twitter posts that caught Cohen playing on the beach in Miami.

There’s this one, in which Andy shows he appreciates all his fans.

And this one…whoa, papi!

Andy himself has posted a number of provocative pics in recent months, such as this one showing that a guy needs to spread his legs when recording an audio book.



We wonder who won vote his vote for this award.


Andy couldn’t conceal his pride at being named Buzzfeed’s 14th most important hairy celebrity chest of all time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.28.14 PM

And why not have a drink in the pool when you’re this hot?


Anyway, God bless Andy Cohen. Long may he live, prosper and post shirtless pics.