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Andy Cohen is not here for gay comment trolls

“Any time there’s ever been an article about me on any gay sites the comments are always just the meanest you can imagine… but that might be par for the course. I’m proud to be the only openly gay late-night talk show host.

I’m now going into my eighth year of this so whether gay people like that or they don’t like it, I do know that there are young gay men across the country who maybe come to my book signings or have dinner with my mom and say ‘it’s touched me that I’ve been able to see a gay guy in late night.’ So ultimately I can’t get too invested in what the comments say or what the gay media says because if there can be kids watching and thinking ‘oh wow, look, that guy is gay and he has this show and everything seems okay with him” then that should be the important thing.’”Andy Cohen, when asked by Mic about his experience with “gay media.”

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  • lauraspencer

    I have no problem with Mr. Cohen being gay. I have issue with the shows he produces and how he and his housewives are so starved for fame and attention.

    I do not buy that Cohen cares about young gays. His statement just makes for good PR.

    • Black Pegasus

      @Lauraspencer – agreed! He’s a vapid queen who is complicit in promoting negative stereotypes of gay men. I don’t watch his gutter television shows and I don’t like his patronizing soft bigtry towards Black women.

      – And if you’re reading this Ms. Cohen add this to the long long list of negative comments containing your name.

    • Sluggo2007

      For God’s sake, Laura, he’s a Jew. All he cares about is the money he’s making. They’ll slit their mothers’ throats for a buck.

    • Charlie in Charge

      OK Sluggo you are disgusting.

    • dwes09

      “For God’s sake, Laura, he’s a Jew.”
      And you are clearly a meth addled hillbilly who is boning his sister, who is also his mother. Why does hetero scum like you come here?

  • Charlie in Charge

    Well said, Andy. I think there is generally too much consternation in the comments about whether gay celebs are good enough or pure enough to represent us.

  • Brian

    Hi, Andy! Since apparently you’ll be reading this, I want you to know that I want you. :-p

    • DMRX

      Be careful, Andy. Brian is certifiable.
      And he hates that you self-identify as gay, most likely because he hates that he himself is gay.

  • fur_hunter

    I have gotten to the point that now I tell most out there, who don’t like gays and say how they should all be put on an island, or that they are going to Hell….because it says so in a book, I tell them that gays are not going away. So, maybe they should go lock themselves up in their houses and never come out again. That way they will never have any contact or to deal with gays again. And best of all…….We gays will not miss them.


    Datalounge sends its love, Andy

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Don’t worry about it, Andy, they’re just jealous!

  • Jim Guinnessey

    I enjoy watching Andy Cohen’s show whenever I can. He is very funny and original and his guests are super!

  • Jim Guinnessey

    I love Andy Cohen and his very funny and original tv late show. His guests are super. Long may Andy continue being Andy!

  • DistingueTraces

    Yes, Mr Cohen, it does seem as if the modern media landscape is made up largely of the trashiest possible personal attacks. People seem to take malicious delight in manufacturing scandal over nothing.

    It’s a shame, but I guess the best response is simply to take the high road in our own lives and work.

    • Me2

      Ironically, that’s exactly what all of his shows do: take malicious delight in manufacturing scandal over nothing. Perhaps he really should take the high road.

  • Roan

    I just want to see him naked… so Andy… why don’t you drop us one or two “accidental” pics like Bieber. Thanks.

  • natekerchel

    Just because someone is gay and on television does not mean that they ‘represent’ all lgbt people. They represent themselves only. I don’t know Mr.Cohen in any personal capacity but I think his programmes are trite, inconsequential and patronising. People who pursue careers in the media need to stop whining about how badly or unfairly they are treated. It can’t be that bad or they would get out of it. But I suppose the huge amounts of money they get paid is some kind of consolation – poor things.

  • bbg372

    He-Man: “Well Orko, Jeremy sure changed his ways.”

    Orko: “Yeah! He was acting pretty rotten for a while. I think all he really wanted was for people to notice him. But what good does it do to be noticed if people don’t like what they see?”

    He-Man: “That’s right. The best way to get attention is not to look for it. By being polite and helpful, people will not only notice you, they’ll like you too.”

    Sorry, Andy.

  • Sluggo2007

    ‘it’s touched me that I’ve been able to see a gay guy in late night.’ Excuse me Andy, but do you EVER get tired of patting yourself on the back?

    • Giancarlo85

      Go get a life please. Nobody cares what you have to say.

  • GayEGO

    Hey Andy, you go girl! :>)

  • Giancarlo85

    Andy shouldn’t have to listen to the jealous self hating queens on here, who can’t even look at themselves in the mirror and say they are gay. Oh people like Lauraspencer and sluggo.

    Here is the difference… Andy Cohen is successful and is doing what he likes to do, while people like Lauraspencer and Sluggo troll on this site posting hate.

    • lauraspencer

      Huh? Weird response. You don’t even know me. I can say I’m gay and have done so for many years. I’m out in all aspects of my life and happily walk down the street holding my partner’s hand. You must be confusing me with someone else.

      I’m not posting hate. Just a comment. That’s why blogs have comment sections.

    • pickles69

      It’s funny that Lauraspencer says “you don’t even know me” when she/he/they, equally, doesn’t know Andy Cohen. She/he/they “isn’t posting hate”. Riiiight. Sweetie- your comments definitely are not about peace and love. Check the mirror. That which you seem to dislike about Andy might be something to talk to a therapist about. The ‘starved for attention’ line is akward especially because you’re posting with clear aspirations to be admired by the readers here.

    • lauraspencer

      I have met Mr. Cohen twice actually, but I agree with you in saying that I don’t “know” him. It takes more than two meetings to know someone.

      Not sure what “voice” you use when you read comments, but my posting was not about hate. Just because I have an opinion different than your opinion doesn’t mean mine is hateful. It is just different. Notice I commented on the story which was posted. You felt the need to comment on my comment.

      If I were posting to be “admired” by the readers as you suggest wouldn’t it make more sense for me to write what many including yourself want to hear? I could care less what people think.

      Have a good day pickles.

  • scotshot

    Give Donald Trump a call, you both trade in trash, I’m sure he can teach you plenty.

  • pickles69

    I hear his shows on XM radio. When you hear him live, unedited and candid, as well as the good people he surrounds himself with, it gets hard to justify the barbs sent his way. He seems deeply concerned about the state of Trump’s mess, he’s an outspoken liberal, and sure- maybe he has more self confidence than many prefer but he’s equally human and honest. I didn’t want to like him (like, I’d say many of the other commenters) but I’d suggest you learn more before you shred one of our own, and what seems to be a good guy. Isn’t good GOOD?

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