Andy Cohen On All Those Nude Pics He Has Floating Around Out There Plus Sleeping With Justin Bieber


Andy Cohen held nothing back in a recent episode of “Allegedly with Theo Vonn & Matthew Cole Weiss.” The 48-year-old Bravo! host, who is currently plugging his new book, appeared on the podcast to talk about everything from sex with Justin Bieber to all the naked pictures of himself that are likely stored on countless gay men’s phones.

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When asked if he’d ever hook up with the Biebs, 48-year-old Cohen didn’t blink: “Yes, of course,” he replied. “I think he’s really pretty.”

But he didn’t stop there.

“I like how smooth he is,” he continued. “Not a lot of body hair. I saw the dick pic and I think he’s got a nice, adult-sized penis.”

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Other revelations made:

  • He definitely has a few nude pictures floating around out there. Unfortunately, none of them show his face.
  • When it comes to having a threesome with friends, Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos are his top pick. He admitted he’s “been pushing them for a threesome for a long time,” but he doesn’t think Mark will ever go for it.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker wears a lot of perfume, but it smells nice. Naomi Campbell and Oprah also have nice smells.
  • The worst breath he’s ever encountered on his show was Andrew Lloyd Weber. Cohen cautions listeners: “You wouldn’t want to get in front of his mouth ever. He’s got some breath.”

These are all good things to know.

Listen to the full interview HERE.