Holy, Holy, Holy

Andy Cohen promotes the latest hero of the COVID crisis: glory holes

Talk show host Andy Cohen has announced the latest tool in the fight against COVID-19: glory holes.

While doing his at-home broadcast of Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, Cohen declared glory holes as “an emerging hero” during the ongoing crisis. Cohen survived COVID-19 earlier this year.

“Move over, Dr. Anthony Fauci,” Cohen joked, “because I of course am talking about glory holes.”

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“If you haven’t heard, the Canadian government is echoing the New York City Department of Health’s recommendation that horny citizens use glory holes as a way to limit face-to-face contact and swapping saliva during sex,” Cohen explained. He referred to a new set of guidelines issued by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control which explicitly mentioned glory holes as a method of safe sex during the pandemic.

“This is wild. Canada is saying, ‘Put your d*ck in a glory hole.’ I didn’t say it; Canada said it,” Cohen giggled.

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Cohen then cut to a clip of actress Judith Light playing a game, where she had to wear a blindfold and name objects she blindly gripped through a glory hole.

“You might think a hole is a hole, but this hole could save your life,” Cohen quipped. We have to wonder if it’s the first time he said that.