Andy Cohen Steps Down As Executive At Bravo


Andy Cohen, the man responsible for unleashing countless Real Housewives onto the masses (and by proxy the entire subgenre of “lets put grown women together and watch them bicker like 13 year old girls” reality television), is stepping stepping down from his post as head of development over at Bravo.

However, it doesn’t mean that he’s leaving altogether…BLOOP!

Cohen is only stepping down as a Bravo executive to step into a new role that is more focused on his hit nighttime talk show Watch What Happens Live, as well as working to pitch and develop ideas for Bravo from his very own production company.

The new deal with Bravo includes a two year pickup of Watch What Happens Live, a retained role as an executive producer on the Real Housewives franchise, and allows him to continue to wrangle the Housewives together on their reunion shows as only he can. As if anyone else can deal with the likes of Teresa Guidice, NeNe Leakes, and Kenya Moore.

Cohen is taking the move in stride, and seems to be excited about the future, telling the New York Daily News, “It was challenging hosting the show five nights a week and coming into work and running development, so this gives me more time to focus on Watch What Happens Live and gives me more time to launch a production company and figure out what else I’m going to be producing.”

Hopefully Cohen can use the time to figure out the next big idea in reality television and for Bravo, as the Housewives ratings (with the exception of the Jersey and Atlanta franchises) aren’t what they used to be and the aforementioned “braying rich older women” subgenre is getting more tired by the day.

Our suggestion?  Getting that long rumored Gay Housewives show off the ground with some, ahem, real A-listers.

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  • Dixie Rect

    Who cares about this wonky eyed d-bag’s job? Gay men get promoted, change jobs, do all kind of things.

  • Pistolo

    Good for him! He must’ve been working almost 24/7 being both the host of WWHL and with his executive work. That’s too much strain on one person, he was basically never away from his job.

  • jimbryant

    Andy Cohen is a gay dirt-bag with a fetish for women. It explains his appalling shows.

    Almost all the gay men on Bravo are effeminate and unrealistic, right in line with Andy’s fetish for the effeminate. He is a disgrace to the GLBT community and has contributed nothing that I consider positive.

    Go away, Andy Cohen. I hope you realize by now that you are not liked by the real gay men out here in the real world. Get lost and take your stereotypes with you.

  • jojothedogfacedboy

    jim jim jim-
    please do not think you speak for all gay men (real or not – whatever “real gay men” means).

  • jimbryant

    There are real gay men and there are fake gay men. Almost all the gay men you see on TV are fake.

  • Rockery

    I never realized he was cross eyed

    Too much work is never a good thing, maybe he can find a long term man now, he is getting a little long in the tooth……

  • Scribe38

    @jimbryant: Sir YOU are the reason queerty needs a dislike/hate button for comments. I worked in construction for 15 yrs. I can weld, cut, fabricate almost anything with metal. None of that crap makes me a man. Just like being effeminate, doing hair, or dressing well doesn’t make you a girl. Bro, you need to get to a shrink and work on your gay-self-hating issues.

  • jimbryant

    I’m simply saying that Bravo and Andy Cohen promote stereotypes of gays.

  • Dev.C

    Andy Cohen doesn’t exploits gay men in a negative, but they are sometimes an accessory to awful housewives. I hate when people say he is a stereotypical gay man who gives us all a bad name.
    If Cohen does nothing else he shows how straight wealthy people can sometimes be nasty, horrible individuals. As for stereotypes Andy doesn’t choose the gay men these women are friends with, so maybe you need to alter your prospective and logical fallacies of how all gay men should act and be.
    Yes not all gay men are effeminate and not all are masculine, whatever that means, but our community lacks unity because individuals are afraid to be viewed as or associate with “gay stigmas”. Your shame for some gay men behaving a curtain way is what needs to change not Andy Cohen or him doing his job.

  • Cam

    Of COURSE he’s stepping down. His ONLY goals since he got there was to put himself in front of the camera. He has now done that so he can stop masquerading as an executive and go on with his new role as the neutered wise-cracking gay best friend of the “Real Housewives” women.

  • AuntieChrist

    @jimbryant: Yea dude. You need to lighten up. You are free to speak YOUR mind, but don’t presume to speak on behalf of the entire gay community. WHAT IS YOUR DAMAGE???… Stereotypes exist for a reason…. You embody the stereotypical bitchy queer who seeks to find fault with everyone and everything that does not conform to your very narrow view of what the gay subculture is not, or should be. My Nana always said that it takes all kinds of people to make a world. Bravos programming is ridiculous, stupid, puerile, and banal. To say the least. If people lack the intelligence to see it as anything other than mindless entertainment, then simply hand them a Darwin award and move on. I think you would benefit by trying to focus on yourself and stop judging everyone by YOUR standards.

  • AuntieChrist

    And on a more positive note. I like Andy Cohen. I think he is adorable. He is a smart successful gay man who knows how to have a good time and make lots of money doing it. He is Anderson Coopers friend and a respected member of the gay community. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  • B Damion

    Andy seems to love his life and also seems very happy. I hope I can find this kind of happy in life.

    He has worked hard and surely that = success

  • Jorval

    One downside to all of this – more commercials featuring him…. yuck.

  • hephaestion

    Andy Cohen is my hero. I will never understand the bitterness of many above comments. Andy is a brilliant, lovable & talented man. I am anxious to see what he does next! And so does everyone else I know.

  • Cam


    What makes him your hero?

  • Kangol

    Whatever one may say about Andy Cohen, he knows how to take outrageous behavior and stereotypical minstrelsy and turn it into a big fat paycheck for himself. That is an art!

  • KDub

    Wait. Andy Cohen is bi? I can kinda picture it. Makes him a bit hotter! Lol I like Andy.

  • Matt G

    all I have to say is Dear Andy Cohen- I’m 29, single, a doctor, and jewish moms love me. I think you’re adorable, call me!~

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