Andy Cohen Takes On Leno As Watch What Happens Goes Five Nights A Week

Watch What Happens: Live, Bravo’s celebrity chatfest hosted by out network v.p. Andy Cohen, is moving to a five-night-a-week schedule in the new year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen—who often features cast members from Bravo’s various reality shows—will scale back from his behind-the-scene executive duties with Bravo when WWWL moves to a Sunday-Thursday schedule, starting January 8 at 11pm.

“Expanding Watch What Happens: Live to five nights a week is the natural progression for this hit interactive show and a testament to Andy’s enormous appeal,” said Bravo president Frances Berwick on Monday.

As the series heads into its sixth season, Cohen admits he a little flabbergasted at his success. “In my wildest dreams when I started at Bravo seven years ago, I never imagined that I would end up fulfilling my lifelong dream,” he told THR. “I get to do the three things I’m most passionate about—producing, developing and hosting for a brand that I love.”

We’re not sure. A gray-haired 40-something gay man hosting a talk show? Sounds pretty far-fetched.