Andy Dick Steals From New Orleans Bar

andy_dick.jpgAndy Dick(NewsRadio) recently paid a visit to New Orleans to play a few hands on Bravo TV’s Celebrity Poker Showdown–and he made an appearance at a local gay bar, where he left quite the unfortunate impression. Says a bartender:

“Andy Dick came into the bar–did you know he’s really short?–and he ordered two beers. We all just stared at him, he shaved his head and he looks weird. But I gave him the beers, and said “eight dollars,” and he walked away! So I yelled “Hey, your beers are eight dollars,” and he turned around and said “I’m a celebrity! I don’t pay for drinks!” and kept walking.

Apparently words were exchanged, escalating until The Dick did pay for his beverages, but not before the bartender referred to him as a “D-list celebrity,” which he acknowledged was a bit rude. He said The Dick then went over to a female patron and groped her “because he’s bisexual, you know,” and we imagine she enjoyed that experience. Who wouldn’t? For whatever it’s worth, he did father a child, although Tom Cruise just did the same thing so that’s really not worth much.

We are disappointed that The Dick thinks becoming a caricature of a “famous person” is a good idea. We’re also shocked that he couldn’t be a bit nicer to the food & beverage staff of New Orleans, especially considering how they’re having a tough time making a living these days. And let’s be honest, he’s not someone who can get away with the diva thing. Kathy Griffin is especially embarrassed, as she and Andy Dick look exactly alike and she hopes no one thought it was her.