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Andy! Kelly! Doogie! It’s Celebrity “Bedlam” at NYC’s Everything

The enfant terrible of the Lower East side, Frankie Sharp, might put on some obnoxious looks modeling for the likes of Jeremy Scott and Adidas, but its indisputable that this queen can throw a fucking party. His Thursday night Alphabet City haunt Bedlam plays host to EVERYTHING (just like Frankie (jk,bb)), and that is exactly what you will find there. From celebrities to banjees, this party rocks from Gay to Z. And better still, if you are in NYC you can go to Everything @ Bedlam tonight!

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  • mikey

    It is Doogie…not Dougie

  • Truthful

    Frankie Sharp is one of the biggest douches I ever had the misfortune of meeting. Trust fund brat!

  • t2

    @Truthful: @Truthful: Pretty sure the only thing that douchebag inherited was an inflated sense of self worth.

  • George412

    Do attractive people not go out in nyc anymore?

  • ZT

    What a bunch of nothings. Shows how far Manhattan has fallen. When Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey and Long Island have more exciting (and hotter) peope than Manhattan, you know a major reversal has taken place.

  • Mike

    Who’s that ugly guy behind Andy Cohen?

  • Mick

    Isn’t Bedlam owned by Anderson Cooper’s bf Benjamin Maisani? That’s probably him hiding from the camera in pic #3 with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. If AC had’ve been there, there sure wouldn’t be pictures.

  • Rick

    What’s the deal with Benjamin Maisani? it’s not like we don’t know he is Anderson Cooper’s partner (husband). why doesn’t he want to be photographed with them? he was sitting in that booth talking to Kelly the entire evening.

  • tj

    Frankie is totally self-made …. if you thought he had a trust fund then he fooled your hater ass. He can be bratty but he’s no brat.

  • Mick

    Benjamin Maisani wasn’t as camera-shy prior to hooking up with Anderson Cooper. There used to be a LOT of pictures of him at his other bar Eastern Bloc, but now it looks like he prefers to stay out of sight, even when Anderson’s NOT by his side.

  • Rick

    @Mick: I don’t think he is shy but is simply complying with Anderson’s wishes. Isn’t he so demure now? He’s just playing the game…. he doesn’t want to lose his sugar daddy.

  • Enron

    Pic number 7, when did Dakota Fanning get so muscular?

  • Curt

    Will you shut up about Ben hiding?! lets remember that they all were together in a float in new orleans in march. I think ben has had enough exposure at this point, that he is the owner of bedlam and he’s ac’s bf. How many exposes, pics do some of you need to be satisfied? Geez.. Smh

  • Mick

    They may have been all together on the float but since Anderson has never publicly acknowledged that Ben is indeed his boyfriend, he could’ve been anyone up there. There are still a lot of people who believe Anderson is straight and single. In their eyes, he just hasn’t met the “right woman”. If you don’t like exposure, don’t date famous people, because there’s going to be a limit on how much you can control.

  • Oigres


  • mk

    There’s nothing weird about a regular nonfamous person becoming freaked out and a bit camera shy after getting together with a straight or gay celebrity. For anyone who isn’t a famewhore it would be understandably alarming and creepy to suddenly have blogs and tabloids spreading rumors about your private life, plastering your face around and making up stories about you adopting orphans from Haiti.

    @Mick You can do some control, and not posing for pics you know will end up online is something he can control. Dating a celebrity may come with attention but nobody has to be happy about that or make it easier for tabloids. The left over people who haven’t picked up by now that Anderson is gay are crazy, living under a rock or don’t care about CNN news anchors at all and they will stay the same if he gives a press announcement that he’s gay.

  • terry t

    To the being who sees no beauty in Manhattan:

    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer:

    “There’s always something beautiful to be experienced wherever you are. Right now, look around you and select beauty as your focus.”

    I pray that one day you will be able to use this practice as it will only bring you happiness and comfort in life.

    To Frankie – a friend who has taught me to cherish my being and never apologize for it especially when confronted with hatred led by jealousy and insecurity, please find comfort in the following words:

    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer:

    “Transcending labels that others have placed upon you opens you up to the opportunity of soaring in the now in any way you desire. ”

    “You never need to defend yourself or your desires to anyone, as those inner feelings are Spirit speaking to you. Those thoughts are sacred, so don’t ever let anyone trample on them.”

    ?”What other people think of me is none of my business. One of the highest places you can get to is being independent of the good opinions of other people.”

    Also this is your week’s horoscope dearest brother:

    It’s prime time for you to ingeniously and relentlessly elude all activities, invitations, temptations, trains of thought, and habits that offer you nothing in return for the precious energy you give to them. Of course this is always a worthy project, but it so happens that you’re likely to achieve far more progress than usual if you do it now.
    ?When they say “Be yourself,” which self do they mean? Certainly not the self that wants to win every game and use up every resource and stand alone at the end of time on a mountain of pretty garbage. So which self is it?

    In the following part of your horoscope note that the judgements from above act as the “warts”

    ?Lewis Thomas was a physician who wrote elegantly about biology in books like The Lives of a Cell. I want to bring your attention to his meditation on warts. “Nothing in the body has so much the look of toughness and permanence as a wart,” he wrote. And yet “they can be made to go away by something that can only be called thinking … Warts can be ordered off the skin by hypnotic suggestion.” Thomas regarded this phenomenon as “absolutely astonishing, more of a surprise than cloning or recombinant DNA.” ??Using your mind power, go ahead and shrink, dissolve, or banish a wart or wart-like vexation. ?*

    I love you dearly <3

  • Curt

    No matter how many blogs i read im always disturbed on how strangers on blogs feel as though they are entitled for AC to make a public annoucement that he’s gay. It is mind boggling… He owes no explaination to any of us. He’s a good who is promoting his brand. When he decides he wants to let strangers into his romantic life then he will. Why people DON’T understand this is really disturbing to me. Its creepy too.

  • Curt

    No matter how many blogs i read im always disturbed on how strangers on blogs feel as though they are entitled for AC to make a public annoucement that he’s gay. It is mind boggling… He owes no explaination to any of us. He’s is promoting his brand. When he decides he wants to let strangers into his romantic life then he will. Why people DON’T understand this is really disturbing to me. Its creepy too.


    4) YES. MARK IS HOT.

  • Mick

    Apparently Queerty and its readers have done a complete 180 when it comes to Anderson Cooper and his “glass closet”. NOW no one here cares about Anderson not being out publicly, but IIRC, the old Queerty used to do a lot of snarky/gossipy/critical articles about Anderson with plenty of commenters on his case about staying silent about his sexuality (and some supporting his choice). I suppose getting permission to take a bunch of photos inside Bedlam came with the condition that co-owner/creator Benjamin Maisani wouldn’t be mentioned in this article or photographed.

  • David Ehrenstein

    There are so many out and proud people now Anderson Cooper is making himself irrelevant. Sad, really. At one time he would have had a lot to offer us all. Now, not so much.

  • Greg

    nice shot of Benjamin Maisaini’s arm in pic 3.

  • adam

    @David Ehrenstein: We’ve gotten more out people in news despite ourselves. There’s always been a lot of people in news who could come out. There still is. It’s always been stupid that only AC was asked to come out constantly or demanded to openly serve the gay community. The queer media heavy gossip mongering on his sex life has been gratuitous too.

    For a long time everyone got caught up in the snob appeal of having a good looking Vanderbilt repping us and took no appreciation that more lowly stock can be at least as effective reps and activist fighters and those from humble or average beginnings will have the kind lives that make them more receptive and suitable to the task.

  • Michelle

    I wish all the bitchy “attractive” commenters (Mike, George and ZT) that are spending the time to hate on those they don’t know could post their pictures so we could all judge. That would be wonderful.

  • craig

    @Greg: I don’t know if it’s just an optical illusion, but his bicep looks like it’s bigger than Mark Consuelos’s head.

  • Will

    love love LOVE bedlam. so sad i stayed in last night!

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    anderson cooper is one judgemental fuck.


    Do any of u needy queens even watch Anderson Cooper or know what his work is about?
    He brings light to far more relevant, pressing issues than downtown clubbing with his hunk. What about him having a voice that reaches a lot of people makes him responsible to you? He’s white too .. Does that mean he’s gotta b a champion for white power? I mean that’s how crazy you sound.
    We all know there is a long way to go in the war for equality but it’s not a draft.

  • Greg

    @craig @26 It’s not an optical illusion, what you see is the reality.

  • Tim

    cha cha, wtf.

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