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  • koalaboy

    I’m scratching mine too!

  • Phag

    Good lord, he needs to go to the clinic and get some crabs medicine.

  • rogue dandelion

    he actually looks much better with the blonder hair and the slimmer physique. but yeah, maybe he needs to shower?

  • Chris

    he’s being a guy, leave it alone

  • oneway

    Okay, here’s a complaint about the new one-pic-per-page feature — did you really I really just click through five pictures of Andy Roddick doing nothing more than adjusting his spandex underwear? Awesome.

  • Ryan

    He looks great – but, ah, it’s starting to be time for him to switch to the Agassi look…

  • Aaron J.

    I wish Queerty would make up its mind on the picture setup. I really think they should follow

  • Wayne

    They don’t call him Andy “Raw Dick” for nothing!

  • BrianZ

    Isn’t it like the 4th irrefutable law of the universe?

    Balls Itch

    I prefer to just shove my hand down the front of my shorts and get everthing taken care of all in one go. The Under Armor long boxer briefs do tend to bind just a bit ;o)

  • Dabq

    One big old sexy man!

  • Scot

    Andy Roddick IS an itch I can’t scratch either – but I sure would like to! He’s ageing nicely.

  • alan brickman

    he can still punish me in bed anytime…

  • phillip

    Keep the RodDICK photos cumming, I love him!!!

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