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Angelica Ross of ‘Pose’ reveals she slept in her office to help other trans folk

Ross in ‘Queering the Script’
“What people didn’t realize was when I had the office in Chicago for TransTech, when we closed, I worked late nights so that I could out-stay the security so that they didn’t know that I was sleeping in the office. And that when I would wake up in the office, I would go to the LA Fitness gym to take a shower and to get ready and change and come back and do these things. I sacrificed so much for myself to make TransTech a thing, but I did so knowing I was somebody who makes a bet knowing they’re going to win.”–Actress and philanthropist Angelica Ross, on her push to create a non-profit for transgender people. Ross told Variety that she established TransTech in 2014 to provide educational services to transgender people to find jobs in the tech world during the gender transition process. She has since become a successful actress, appearing in Pose and American Horror Story.