This Angelica Ross story about Caitlyn Jenner speaks volumes

Angelica Ross in Pose, and (inset) Caitlyn Jenner
Angelica Ross in Pose, and (inset) Caitlyn Jenner (Photos: Macall Polay/FX and Shutterstock)

Actress Angelica Ross has given an interview to The Hollywood Reporter about her career and the changing attitudes toward trans performers in Hollywood. She also touches upon Caitlyn Jenner.

Ross has first-hand experience with Jenner. She appeared briefly in Jenner’s short-lived reality TV show. The interviewer asked Ross what she thought of Jenner’s gubernatorial run in California.

Ross says that people need to listen more to Black trans women and follow their leadership more, because: “Caitlyn Jenner is only informed by her own experiences.”

Pushed for clarification, she goes on to say, “I used to work at a nonprofit called Chicago House as a trans works program coordinator. I did job coaching for trans people who were coming out of prison, dealing with HIV and all kinds of stuff. Caitlyn Jenner came to speak, and in front of these people, she said that the hardest part about being a trans woman was finding something to wear … in front of homeless trans people with HIV!

“It’s so tone-deaf. She is problematic, and that needs to be known. A white trans Republican? Girl, where do they do that?”

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Jenner’s intention of running to be Governor has been dogged by controversy since she announced it in April. First, there was her voicing opposition to trans youth competing in girls’ sports at school. Then there was her stating that she hadn’t voted in the 2020 election, only for voting records to indicate that she did indeed vote.

Yesterday, during a rambling appearance on The View, she refused to say whether Donald Trump had lost the 2020 election or not. Seasoned political observers believe her desire to be elected Governor is exceedingly unlikely to succeed.

Ross, meanwhile, is seeing her career go from strength to strength. She spoke to THR about her work in placing trans people in the tech industry, filming the new series of American Horror Story, and working on new scripted and unscripted shows. She’s also recently produced a Pride special for E! True Hollywood and did voiceover work for an FX Pride special.

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