Angelina Jolie Is “Thrilled” To Be A Drag Queen Inspiration: “I’m With Them”

angelina-jolie-bianca-del-rio-maleficent-drag-queenFlawless human and walking drag inspiration Angelina Jolie is officially flattered by men who dress as women who wish they were her.

At a press conference in the U.K. for her new film Maleficent earlier this month, she said “I would be thrilled if [my look] is embraced by the drag queens. I think we all share a love of this kind of costume. I’m with them.”

We’re guessing she hasn’t yet seen RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio sporting Maleficent fish in the photo below. Lord knows if she had, she would have immediately demanded a joint performance and photo op.

So here’s your stamp of approval, queens. Let’s see some sickening remixes of “Once Upon A Dream” at Showgirls this weekend, mmkay?

Below, watch Angelina Jolie flawlessly respond to a question in front of her own flawless headshot. Below that, the trailer for Maleficent, in theaters next Friday, May 30.