Angelina Refuses To Spend Holidays With Brad’s Anti-Gay Mom

Angelina Jolie might be bucking for Mother Teresa’s gig, but she’s not fond of her own sort-of mother-in-law, Jane Pitt.

Brad’s mom made headlines earlier this year when she wrote a letter to her local newspaper disparaging Barack Obama and his support of gay marriage. 

Star Magazine reports Jolie is so turned off by Mrs. Pitt and her politics that she doesn’t want to bring the kids to the Pitt family homestead for Christmas.

If you’re facing family drama this holiday season, you’re not alone. Angelina Jolie is squaring off against Brad Pitt’s mom – again – this time, over where the Brangelina brood will spend Christmas.

“As usual, Angie has no desire to spend her holidays in the Midwest, something Brad’s mom, Jane, finds rude and insulting. But Angie couldn’t care less,” reveals a source close to the famous couple, adding that Angie and Jane’s polar-opposite political views are the root of the discord.

“They have such different opinions on everything,” the friend explains. “Brad’s parents are extremely right-wing and religious. Angie has to bite her tongue to keep the peace.”

Predictably, Jane blames Angie for not seeing her grandchildren more often. “It’s been a sore point for Brad’s mom for years,” the insider says. “She loves to have all her grandkids together, but that rarely happens – and she says it’s Angie’s doing.”

Brad, 48, seems determined to sell his fiancée on the idea of a Missouri Christmas and even dragged her and the kids to Springfield last week. But Angelina won’t budge.

“Visits to the Pitt home have been awkward for Angelina,” our spy continues. “She says that not wanting to spend the holidays there isn’t personal, but anyone would see it as a snub.”

Don’t you love it when relatives bark their bigoted views from the rooftops and then act insulted when you don’t want to spend time with them? For once we can actually relate to Angelina Jolie!

Maybe Angelina doesn’t want to go to Missouri because she’d rather be in Kenya or Cambodia or Libya or something. It’s not like Brad’s parents NEVER get to see Angelina and Brad and their kids. The Pitts fly out to LA or London or wherever, and it seems like Angie and Brad make an effort to go to Missouri a few times a year too. I seriously doubt this is a thing. I also doubt that Jane and Angelina talk that much about political stuff.

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  • 2eo

    If everyone did the same it would be an awesome gesture of solidarity, these miserable bigots don’t deserve completeness as they actively rob it off good people.

  • alexoloughlin

    Interesting that Brad’s mother doesn’t rail against him and Angelina shacking up together, having sex outside of marriage while raising a non-traditional family. Bigotry comes in many forms doesn’t it, Jane Pitt? What does she have to say about that I wonder? Oh and I bet she and her husband have accepted vast amounts of money from her wealthy son. Keep it coming son and I’ll keep my mouth shut about you living in sin.

  • DickGreenleaf

    Looking at that picture of Brad I think it’s time for him to star in The Front Runner, but as the coach. 40’s hot is still hot.

  • petensfo

    Brad’s mom really ought to pay more attention… Does she not realize that Angie squeezed her own dad out of the picture for decades?! You wanna see those grandkids? Then shape the fuk up, granny.

    Angelina & your family of kiddos vs. bigoted conservative old lady… not much of a contest from where I sit, and I have no doubt Brad would explain it as such.

  • hf2hvit

    Good for Angelina…she can spend her holidays with ME!

    Why should she have her kids in a house full of bigotry?

  • onevoice

    No one knows if this story is true, but if it is true, don’t you think it hard for Brad’s parents too?
    Why is it OK for Angelina to voice her opinions, her choices and beliefs, but not anyone else? By your own definations, Angelina is “judging” and a “bigot” too – against a conservative belief. It’s a two-way street. As you say “Bigotry comes in many forms doesn’t it?”

  • James

    @onevoice: Give me a break…… are you supporting some bigoted bitch, if so you need a psychiatrist and certainly not to be wasting everyone’s time with your insanity.

  • Red Meat

    Ugh the obnoxious right-wing grandmother. The worst kind.

  • dannyal

    @onevoice: correct me if I’m wrong: Angelina’s opinions, choices, and beliefs don’t discriminate a specific group of people. But Brad’s mom intentionally try to impede equality for a certain group of people: gay people.

    I’d be Okay if people choose to be Republicans. But the moment they start imposing their views onto other people (such as Brad’s mom writing openly to oppose gay marriage), they no longer have my respect. I suppose this is the case with Angelina and Brad’s mom (if it’s all true)

  • John Doe

    @onevoice: I agree. Besides, we’ll always disagree with family on important matters. A true sign of maturity is often our ability to deal with these challenges in life (and in families) vs. running from them or striking back (or running) in some immature fashion. I have these situations in my family…. and it grieves and depresses me at times. But, I move on…. and teach my kids to love others that they disagree with. It isn’t easy. But, we mature up and move forward. If the grandparents are abusive or violent in some way…. yeah… that is a different story. But, 95% of the time we’re just dealing with bigotry and strong differences of opinion. That’s life, especially when it relates to older people (and even siblings) in our family. Deal with it and be the mature one. Besides, our parents aren’t going to be here forever. For a wife (or husband) to avoid their spouse’s parent is rather selfish in my opinion. It isn’t their biological parent that they’re fighting against. It is the parent of their spouse… the parent that raised them. So, a lot more leeway is needed in these in-law cases especially.

    p.s. I highly doubt ANY printed story when it comes to the secret lives of movie stars and their families. So, this story could be 100% false or true… and we’d have no clue.

  • ChiChi Man

    @alexoloughlin: LOL you’re so right! I read that ridiculous letter-to-the-editor from Mrs. Pitt. It’s so easy to attack those evil gays, but it’s fine to have a bunch of kids out of wedlock (especially if he makes millions of dollars). Cherry-picking from the bible as usual.

  • ericlamay

    I for one support Angie. That said, what kind of a mother (Jane) makes or writes statements like about such things in public when you have such a high profile son and daughter-in-law?

  • Niall

    It’s Star magazine though, so take it with a pinch of salt. But I guess it is something I could see Angelina doing seeing as she’s alluded in the past she’s kinda bisexual herself

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