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  • Geoff M

    My 78 year old mom actually called to ask me if George Clooney was gay after watching Pitt on some news clip.

  • ioni

    Well, you know, George in just Gay-Gay, as opposed to Gay-Gay-Gay, as he himself quipped years ago :)

    SO adorable Bred has nothing to do with this :)

  • hardmannyc

    Brad Pitt and George Clooney would have some amazing looking children.

  • ioni

    @hardmannyc: Never though of that, .. but you’re right!

  • dgz

    i’m confused; how can someone be so supportive of gay marriage, etc., but still think it’s absolutely hilarious to call his friend gay?

    maybe i’m just in a bad mood…

  • ioni

    I think he is right – trying to take away the negative by means of jokes is a good thing.

    I tend to call people names that are both negative and LGBT related (you can imagine) – just to show that LGBT context should be removed.

    Or am i a `dizzi bich` at that?

  • Dennis

    I give Brad a pass on this, and think it’s pretty funny. It’s just how straight guys ‘goof’ on each other. Neither Pitt nor Clooney is a homophobe…sometimes you have to have a sense of humor and not be so thin skinned and PC.

  • Mike

    I agree with Dennis. Just look at Pitt’s “potential” campaign platform:

    ‘“Yeah. I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform,” he joked.’

    You couldn’t find a guy more well-meaning and genuinely good for us. He even gave a bunch of money forward to fight Prop. 8 when most of us hardly had it on our radar. He’s one of our most visible allies.

  • naprem

    He did the same thing on Ellen, where he told Ms DeG that if she wanted to entice George onto the show, she should send him some Chippendales. So she did.

  • Ali


    Although I guess this means some of the bi actor blind items I had guessed were Clooney-related are someone else, because nobody would actually out a friend like that.


  • epyonmanx

    I’m pretty sure he was referring to George Takei…

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