Anglicans Back Down On Gay Split

That was a fast turnaround! Anti-gay Anglican leaders last week vowed to split the international movement and start their own sect away from gay friendly leaders. Something must have happened between Friday and today, because the conservatives now say they’ll stay:

Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, Primate of Kenya and leader of that country’s four million Anglicans, and the Ugandan Primate Archbishop Henry Orombi confirmed last night that there will be no split.

Archbishop Nzimbi’s comments are especially significant because he is heading the committee that will draw up the final communique to be issued on Sunday night.

It also confirms the word behind the scenes in Israel and as disclosed by The Times on Monday, that the agenda is now reform from within rather than starting a breakaway conservative Anglican church that excludes homosexuals or tried to “convert” them to heterosexuality.

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